I am also loving bike rides in skirts. I'm trying to figure out how to transition from leggings + cut-offs to skirts as the weather starts to get warmer for bike rides in Brooklyn. That skirt with the striped shirt would be *perfect*.

I love the peeps wreath. My grandfather used to buy me a box of yellow ones every Easter and this reminded me of that happy memory.

I'm LOVING the longer skirts in pretty colors. And those strawberries…

This spring roundup totally made my day. I can't wait for warm weather – I'm so excited!!! And I'm really feeling that pastel skirt…

wow, I didn't realize how urgently I needed bright orange pants til just now.

that peep wreath is too much! love it! cute green skirt too.

Love that peep wreath! Not only is it cute, but you could eat it after Easter. Peeps are always better when they're stale 🙂

That bathing suit is too cute for words. I love your picks.xx

adorable round up! all of these make me so excited for spring 🙂

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