Sister Style: April

On Katrina’s agenda this week:
Moving into her new house where sister Becca lives, finishing up recordings for Timber!’s album, playing a show at The Velour in Provo, starting spring semester classes, buying groceries for the first time (!!) and hiking around in the canyon. 

On Becca’s agenda this week:
Visiting sister Celeste for Easter weekend, hiding candy and eggs for 2 yr old Gigi + a relaxing hour at the spa. Started a senior seminar English class centered on the novels of Toni Morrison. Eating sushi with good friends and watched Lost in Translation. Helping Katrina move into her house.
Navy Banana Republic dress, blue H&M tights, Zara boots, H&M belt. H&M jeans, bensimon sneakers, J.Crew wrap sweater, H&M scarf, Madewell coat
On my agenda this week:
An Easter egg hunt in Golden Gate Park, eating delicious sushi for Jared’s birthday, doing a kids craft with cracked pastel eggshells, a windy trip to the park, sprucing up my blog after an inspiring weekend at the Mom 2.0 Summit.

We have a guest sister this month! My sister-in-law Erica who lives with my brother in midtown Manhattan. 
On Erica’s agenda this week:
Preparing her company’s SEC quarterly report, hanging out with her sister who is in town, baby sitting her nephew, trying out new Indian recipes, hitting up half-off day at the local thrift store.


I just barely started following your blog. I know your sister Becca! We were in the same ward sophomore year and she lived above me and my roommates. She's one of the nicest people I've ever met.

I love becca's outfit as well and yours too, liz. Really, everyone is so stylish!

i am normally a total creepster on all your posts, but i have to click over today to tell you that these are my absolute favorite posts of yours!! i love the sister styles, especially when you all style the same piece. you all have such individual and rockin' senses of style. i was completely suckered into a skirt at downeast basics after your last post; you all just made them look SO good!

I love all your style. This would be a fun thing to do with my sisters and sisters-in-law as well!

Your sisters are so cute! I have 3 sisters and these posts are making me miss them like crazy!

I LOVE Becca's denim jeans! Any idea where she found them? We are similar in shape and i'm always looking for a good fitting pair of skinny jeans. 🙂

I like the outfit with the coat and striped scarf. Fun for fall.- Sarah

What a cute idea?! I might have to do this with my little sissy 🙂

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