Oliver + S: Little Things to Sew

Oliver + S sent me this new sewing book to check out called Little Things to Sew: 20 Classic Accessories and Toys for  Kids and I can’t get over how beautiful each project is. It might have something to do with the author, Liesl Gibson, being an actual designer, having previously worked for Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger (fancy!)

One thing that bugs me about sewing books in general is that out of the whole book there are usually only a small handful of projects I’d like to make; most of the projects don’t quite fit my taste. This is the first book I’ve seen where every single project is something I’d really like to try.
Like these amazing little bunny caps or this to do for blanket below? The instructions look super easy to follow as well and separate pattern sheets come with the book. 

If you love sewing kids clothes and toys like me, or know someone that does. I’d highly recommend picking up a copy of Oliver + S Little Things to Sew right here.
I can’t wait to try some of these projects myself. Would be a great gift for Mother’s Day!

Curious: Have you had much success with sewing or other types of how-to books? Or do you prefer to be taught by someone firsthand?
Photos by me

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Um yeah, I have to be really selective these days because my Bloglovin list is already too long to keep up with. But I just came across your blog today and I couldn't pass it up. Your skirt tutorials are what drew me in but I love everything else, too! So glad I found you. Consider yourself Blogloved. Amandawww.appleblue.org

I am lucky enough to say I know Liesl and can attest to her absolute diligence and dedication. I've had the good luck of being at sewing workshops with her and she is so committed to helping everyone understand how garments come together. And she didn't even ask me to write this? Really, she is one of the most kind, lovely people I've met and I wish her all the best with this book.

If the books and patterns are well written, it makes all the difference. I taught myself how to sew 3 years ago, and Oliver & S patterns are some of the best patterns I've used. I also really like Anna Maria Horner's books. I've learned a lot from both Oliver & S and AMH.However, I also own sewing books that are terrible. I will not say which ones, but you can tell when books have just be thrown together and the patterns haven't been tested and edited. Shameful!I don't own the Oliver & S book, but if it's anything like Oliver & S patterns then I'm sure it's perfection. Maybe my sewing library needs a copy.

thank you! I have just bought it!!-mhttp://wellworththewaits.blogspot.com/

I made the Explorer Vest last weekend and it turned out great! The instructions were clear and easy to follow (and I'm a pretty novice sewer). My binding was a little, um, handmade looking but not terrible for a first time.

Me-oh-my I love that quilt! Looks perfect for a quilting slacker like me.

yes, the directions look very easy. Although I wouldn't say it's a beginning book.

ohhh! looks cute. do the instuuctions seem easy to follow and do or are the projects for more skillful people? I'd like to get into sewing more, but need someone to teach me the basics first.

That's my favorite book right now … I'm determined to sew everything in it. I've made the bucket hats and messy kid bib so far and it really is a great book … clear directions, beautiful results.

I have been curious about this book. The projects look cute.

Oh my gosh I'm in love. I love that blanket! Thanks for sharing.- Sarahhttp://agirlintransit.blogspot.com/

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