Hello Sponsors: Minted Birth Announcement Giveaway-CLOSED

Congrats to Besome! Please email me at liz(at)sayyestohoboken.com

We have a great giveaway today from fabulous sponsor Minted. They have really beautiful designs in personalized stationery, baby invites, Christmas cards, etc. I would highly recommend them, sponsor or not! 
Today they’re giving away 50 birth announcements with coordinating skinny wrap address labels and thank you notes to one lucky reader OR 25 minibooks (pictured above). Either is a $200 value.
If you aren’t having a baby, I’m sure you know someone who is and would love these! Aren’t they gorgeous? Minibooks are new to me and I love the concept. Check out all the designs for the minibooks here, with my favorite being the  oh so mod minibook (above)

Some really lovely designs for birth announcements. Tons of great options to choose from.  Friend and blogger, Stephanie of Stephmodo used this Minted design for her baby invites. I received one and they are just adorable in person. We never did birth announcements for Henry and I regret it. 
Good luck!

Bonus for everyone: Until 4/12 use code BABYAPRIL for 15% off your birth announcement order

Giveaway details:
-Leave a comment on this post to enter the giveaway
-You have until this Sunday night, April 10th, 10pm PST to enter. Winner will be announced Monday at the top of this post.

Mention this giveaway on any social media platform like twitter to enter twice
Add me to your reader so you don’t miss out on the results
-Include your email in your comment if it’s not linked to your name, please.
-Alternative winner will be chosen if you don’t claim your win within 3 days

Interested in sponsorship at Say Yes to Hoboken? Email me at liz (at) sayyestohoboken.com for current rates  

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hope i'm not too late! our latest addition is four weeks old now and birth announcements are on my to do list πŸ™‚

I know my pregnant sister would love to win this!mikeanddejahmorris@gmail.com

Beautiful announcements and mini-books! I would love to gift this to my cousin Stephanie who just announced they are expecting in August!

Baby #2 is coming in 3 weeks…would love to win this!!ivybstucki@gmail.com

My third is already 8 weeks old but still wasn't introduced to the world properly. If this is for outside the US too I totally wanna win this!

I've had my eye on Minted for awhile. I'd be thrilled to win!

these are beautiful! perfect for my sister and her first baby girl coming next month

too cute! i'll take them!haleyamccormick@gmail.com

I am expecting my first baby in about a week! This would be so cool to win!alliparlin@gmail.com

due with our first in september and scared to death. this would certainly help πŸ™‚

My husband and I are expecting our first child and would love to have pretty announcements like these!

Still haven't announced my pregnancy to all my family and friends yet…but I am happy to tell you that I would love to put these to good use this fall!sangmccall@gmail.com

would love to win…baby is 6 months and still haven't sent them out!

I love birth announcements (and all stationary for that matter) especially ones that are beautiful and unique.

I would love to have some fun annoucements to send out. I am expecting my third.jenhawkes(at)gmail(dot)com

These are so fun. I expecting my third and would love to have something great to send out.

I am due May 25th. This would be so perfect!! charity_o7 (at) yahoo (dot) com

I would love to win these for my baby boy on the way!jenn.holladay@gmail.com

I just had my first girl a week and a half ago…I would LOVE to send out some Minted announcements!emilykoford@sbcglobal.net

We're expecting our second son in early June – these announcements would be perfect!lnurman(at)hotmail.com

Woud it be tacky to use these if I had my baby last September? πŸ™‚

These would be great! Baby #3 (and first boy) is coming in July!

so sweet! will share with my sweet sister, expecting in July.

Oh my! I would LOVE this! Totally going to tweet about it so my chances are higher ;)hdellamas@hotmail.com

I'm expecting my 3rd child May/June. This might be just the thing that keeps me from skipping the birth announcement this time around.

I am due with my second in six weeks and was thinking about what to do about birth announcements this time around. I would love to be able to send them out from Minted. alkogut@hotmail.com

Pregnant with my first and I would love to win this!

I am just in prosess on making some of my baby Elliot. Would love to win this.

I'm pregnant and would love this gift! πŸ™‚ spazzhb4 at yahoo dot com

I am super stoked about this giveaway – I'm pregnant with my first! Thanks for hosting!

my big brother & his wife are having their first baby in july! always good to give something back to the guy who looked out for you (and okay, picked on you) your whole life, eh? in any case, he and his wife are amazing people and they would love this. plus, they're good looking…and who doesn't want an announcement of a good-looking baby?

Oh goodness…I would LOVE these. My baby is almost 4 months old and I still haven't sent baby announcements. daniellebwilson(at)gmail(dot)com

our baby is due june 8th! i hope we win πŸ™‚ these are super cute!megan.s.mullen@gmail.com

The grandparents will LOVE IT! Thanks for organizing the event!

Just found out I'm due in Dec with our second!!! Would love to win these! The mini books are new to me too, how fun!!!

I would LOVE to win these. My baby girl is 7 weeks old and I really want to get her announcements done soon (because I never got around to it with my first — bad mom!).

My sister in law is due next week…what a special gift for a special first time mom.

I just had my first baby 3 days ago πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Life couldn't be more magical.Pick meeeee!!!!!mebah729@msn.com

Just had a baby; love Minted; this giveaway was made for me!

I love their announcements! I also love that they have orange and grey, our nursery colors!

Just had my first sweet baby….would LOVE this giveaway…they are almost as sweet as my little Liam!tatumrenee144@yahoo.com

Oh they are lovely! I have been trawling etsy for good looking birth announcements, and just get stuck in pages of… Well, average looking ones! These are perfect! I have a little one (my first!) arriving in July- these would be great!

I love Minted – was just looking for birth announcements for my son born last week!

Would love to give as a gift to my pregnant sister.noelle.woj at gmail

My second is due in a month. These would be awesome!

Having my third and have never done birth announcements. Gotta start some time, right?west.sad@gmail.com

Would love to win – just had my second sweet boy 3 weeks ago :)meganfarrellturner (at) gmail (dot) com

My sister just had a beautiful baby girl and would really appreciate some lovely announcements. She would love these!

A couple I know just found out they're pregnant (shh!), and I'd love to surprise them!

I would love to give this to my best friend, my goddaughter is due in the next 4 weeks!

wow! this would be perfect for my new little one!

i was just looking at these this morning since my 2nd is due in less than a month.

I'm pregnant with my third little girl, due in July. These are great!

Oh my, I don't think I have ever wishes for a giveaway as much as this one. I visited the site, and think I'm in love! So lovely. Here's hoping!

Love them!! Almost makes me want my own baby just so I can send out some cards… but I know plenty of other people who have a head start on me and would love to get this gift.

Beautiful announcements. I'll dream about winning them for our 3rd baby….

ohhhh!!! I am due May 9th!! I LOOOVE Minted products, this would be so amazing!!!

These are adorable! I might just have to purchase some either way!heathercrosland@hotmail.com

I have friend who'll love it very much. She has wonderful girl and it would be perfect gift to her. :)aurora.pagone@gmail.com

minted is wonderful. and so are their baby announcements. moneteg(at)gmail(dot)com

Wow! Please bless that you pick me πŸ™‚ baby due in 3 weeks. their announcements are beautiful!

I'm due with a little one in September, this is right up my alley!

I am pregnant with #2 and would LOVE to win these! Thanks!tara.huff(at)gmail(dot)com

I love these! One of my dearest friends is expecting in July!

Awesome giveaway! Love those little books.katie.muirhead @ gmail . com

These are not only adorable, but very cool. Would love to win!kelly.shira (at) gmail (dot) com

I would love to win this! I am so bad about sending announcements and this would be great for our future little boy! I love minted, they have such great clean designs!

Still need to send out birth announcements for my 7 week old baby girl. She's our second and is already falling victim to the 'less documentation for subsequent children' syndrome. Not good. Would love to use Minted for our cards.

i used mint for my christmas cards and they turned out beautiful! would love to win this giveaway.

Oh please me! My babe is 2 months and I need to send something out…monkeycracker(at)gmail(dot)com

oh i LOVE minted!! so amazing clean & crisp designs! I love all of them! out little guy is due in less than a month and these would be perfect!!

we used the bright hello announcement when our son was born in November. minted has great customer service, too! would love to win this and gift it to a friend who's due any day now.

I'm due next month with a baby girl, so I am in need of these!

one of my dearests just had her second baby. this would be the perfect opportunity for her to announce the arrival!

This would be great for my new little boy!rikki . hein @ gmail . com

They are beautiful! I'm counting down the days till our second little girl is born at the end of the month. These would be perfect!4rissa@gmail.com

Baby Eliot is coming in 10 weeks! I have big plans to letterpress his announcements, but–let's be realistic. This would be so much easier and they are beautiful! livefreemiranda at gmail dot com

absolutely beautiful. thanks for a chance to win!tamaradean {at} gmail {dot} com

Had my second baby in February and moved the next day, so needless to say, I haven't had time to get his birth announcements out yet! These are so beautiful and I would be overjoyed to win! Please oh please!

just tweeted about this… yes. am that excited. πŸ™‚

oh my…. thought of so many things that could be done with this giveaway are running through my head! πŸ™‚

Love them!! Would be the perfect gift for one of my many pregnant friends. chatteringliz(at)aol(dot)com

We never did birth announcements either and I regret it too! If I win this, would it be weird to send them out now for my 2 year old and 9 month old πŸ˜‰

I keep meaning to make my own announcements but my little guy (#2) is now 8 weeks old and, well… No announcements yet. This would totally solve that problem πŸ™‚

oh my! I LOVE Minted! Used them for our Christmas cards last year. Bonus…I'm due in 6 weeks and would LOVE this!jennieforsyth@hotmail.com

My sister just had a baby……she would absolutely love these. She is so giving, I would to do something nice for her in return.

This would be amazing to win! Such gorgeous designs.

oh my- i'm about to be an aunt and these would make such a great gift.

Oh, so cute! I am pregnant with my first and freaking out, clearly I need to win this to restore my sanity. brandi_an AT yahoo DOT com

Oh my gosh, I love these! I am pregnant with my first baby and due in July. These would be a DREAM!e@emyselfandi.com

So adorable – I need to make some of those books!

These are adorable! I'm pregnant with my first and I'd love to send these.

I just used Minted for my son's announcements in January. Loved the results. My sister is pregnant and this would be so fun for her. Thanks

oh! i want to enter on behalf of my sister in law, who just had her 2nd baby. she is too busy to scope the blogworld, so i will for her πŸ™‚

My new neighbor just had her baby girl a few days ago and we would love to give her these as a welcome to the neighborhood gift. Please! Baby G is darling and these suit her perfectly! Thanks!

I'm always, ALWAYS saying that I'm going to send out Christmas cards or birth announcements or newsletters… but I never do– because I'm never creative enough!! We're having our second baby in a few weeks…. I'd LOVE this!!

I would love to win this for my friend who is having TRIPLETS!!!!

My new neighbor just had her baby girl a few days ago… would love to give her these beauties as a welcome to the neighborhood gift! Please! Baby G is darling and these will suit her perfectly!

Oh I love minted. Baby boy #4 comes in 6 weeks, so this would be great!

My cousin is about to give birth in June and this would be the perfect surprise to cheer her up. One of my favorites is the Hello World design by Koshi

we have lots of far away family and they've only seen our new guy once! would love to send them mini books!sammy.lidman@gmail.com

I am due in May and would love to do something special to announce her sweet birth.

Awesome Giveaway! I'm due with twin boys in june… this would be a great way to welcome them.

I heart Minted! I have their children's stationary for my son!

so beautiful! There are lots of babies due this year in my family.

ooo, i am expecting a nephew and this would be fun to give to/make with my sister!

It's not too late to send announcements if my boy is 3 months old, right? I hope not because we will send them anyway!!Thanks for the opportunity.canne.yin at gmail

I would love to win these for my cousin who is having her first baby! Cute.

These are great! I would love to gift them to my sister in law who is pregnant with her first. Minted has beautiful work!

Our two month old needs to be announced! So excited!

Those are so pretty! I've got #2 due in a few months here and i'd love to do birth announcements again!olympicsleeper(at)hotmail(dot)com

would love this for first baby due in October! πŸ™‚

I would love to gift these to a wonderful friend of mine, who could use a little something special.

My first is due in a month! I'd love these!!

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