Donate to Katrina’s Band Timber! (And I’ll Make One of You a Skirt!)

You know my hip sister Katrina, she’s part of my sister style series and she’s in a really cool band called Timber! There are lots of college bands, but I actually really enjoy their folky indie music (very Sufjan Stevens sounding) and I think you will too. They’re really good! She does the female vocals and some persuasions as well. Right now they’re raising money on kickstarter to record an album and tour around this summer (coming to San Francisco!). You can listen to a song of theirs here.

Of course I want to help her raise money, so here’s what I’m going to do. I get several emails a week asking about buying these gathered skirts that I make, so…

1.You help by being a backer here on kickstarter (that means you only have to donate $1 to Timber! but of course you can donate more).
2. Let me know by leaving a comment here or shoot me an email or a tweet, whatever! Let me know
3. I’ll randomly pick one person to make a custom honeysuckle skirt just like this one. PS I can’t promise it will be perfect, but I’ll try my very best! I’m not really a seamstress and I don’t use a pattern!
4. I’ll keep this opportunity open for two weeks until April 25th.

Sound good? Go donate!

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