Twigs and Honey

Just discovered this line of hair adornments, veils and embellishments called Twigs and Honey via Style Me Pretty. All those delicate textures are so gorgeous. Is she playing a trombone in that photo? Okay, it’s official. She’s way cooler than me.
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M and E. They all look pretty on model but i wonder too how i'd look walking down the street with a huge adornment on my head. i think it might make my nose look big. or smaller. something like that.

I saw Twigs and Honey at Little Winter Market last fall and her stuff is beautiful! I wanted to buy something gorgeous and feathery, but my sister said I'd look silly. Not that the headband looked silly, but that I specifically would look silly wearing it. That's a sister for you!

Love the pics but I am literally drooling over that teal and grey wallpaper… any idea what it is/where I cna get my hands on some?

Absolutely gorgeous. I would like a wedding re-do so I can incorporate these things!

haa i meant a trombone and yes, i'm certain she has no clue how to play it 😉

She's holding, not playing, the trombone. Someone could have shown her how to do it correctly before snapping the pic : )LOVELY hair adornments!

She's actually playing a trombone, and lest you think it doesn't happen in real life, check out this album featuring a trombone-playing friend of mine as the bride.

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