AHeirloom Cutting Boards

I go back and forth about which is better, living in New York or living in California.
the best bagels and pizza vs. the best produce?
picturesque autumn vs. pleasantly warm winter?
weekend trips to the beach vs weekend trips to the mountains?
100 degree subways vs. depressing, cold summer fog?
getting dirty looks for not cheering on the Yankees vs. getting dirty looks for not properly composting your apple core?

Jury’s still out on this one, but in the meantime I’d love both of these handmade AHeirloom cutting boards. They have them for (almost?) every state. The mini hearts carved into everyone would make it a fun non-traditional Valentine’s Day gift.

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I love NY, Christmas time is the best there. But living in LA is so much easier weather wise and there's way more space! Right now is nice and sunny and the kids get to run around in the backyard and ride their bikes.PS I love your comment about the apple core, so true!

my mom got one of these for christmas! it's great to display at parties.

Right now I'd pick California over New York. It's really cold & it's snowing every other day. California must be gorgeous!! =)I love those cutting boards! They are so much fun!Melanie's Randomness

I love the cutting boards! I'd have to go with my home state of California, although I did spend some fantastic years in New York as well. I think if I buy one I may just want to keep going and collect a few. NY, CA, TX, and WA. You can't have too many presentable cutting boards, right?!

What? No Idaho? Bizarre. But they are lovely. I'd probably buy an Idaho, if there was one : (

i have the same issue with nyc and paris…. i've never been to sf. a place i've always wanted to go… i'm sure even if you went back to the east coast, you'd find things you miss and loved in the west. love these cutting boards, thinking about getting one myself, of missouri {where i did most of my growing up}!

la petite, i think the texas one is my favorite shape!

I'm still torn between my East Coast roots and my SF home, but I think my honey might insist we get a Texas board, for his home state! Texan pride never seems to waver!

Hmmm…an age old debate. I gave my in-laws one of these for Christmas too, Washington state with a little heart on Seattle.

I need the New York one! I love the little Long Island on it too (that's where I'm from). Thanks for sharing these 🙂

I actually received one of these cutting boards for Christmas. It was the perfect reminder of my favorite state..Iowa!

This are so cool. And come on! NYC allll the way. But I am biased!

I love these, and agree with your post except for one part. I was not impressed with pizza in New York, it was a major letdown.

i just received the cali one for christmas. i'm already obsessed with it and bring it out to use at least once a week 🙂

These are too cute. My husband (a chef) would probably be like–what? Haha–but they are great!

Cami, yes! That does sound lovely. I just want it all. Is that so wrong?

aren't they great? i gave minnesota to my in-laws for christmas as that is their beloved home state but they've been living in maryland for the past 16 years. i love how one-of-a-kind they are!

That's a tough one. In my dream world I have an apartment in New York, a beach house in California, and my happy little home in Cache Valley.

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