BlogNog: Reindeer Card

Next up we have genius artist and crafter Joel from Made by Joel showing us how to make these adorable reindeer cards. Welcome, Joel!

My kids love it when we give them the task of decorating a card for someone. It gives them a big sense of pride and importance. So for the holidays this year I made a reindeer card that could be part card and part toy. The kids ended up wanting to keep the ones they made, but that’s ok, we’ll make more!

If you want to try them out there is a template below that you can print. (I recommend using a thick paper.) Fold in half on the dotted lines, cut around the edges and decorate. Then write a holiday greeting if you’d like to give it to someone. Happy Holidays!

Template: (Click on the image below, then print.)


This was so fun, easy and quick! Only problem is now they want a sleigh for the reindeer to pull – and Im just not that good 🙂 Thanks!

I love this project. This is my first visit to your blog and it looks great. I'll visit it again! Regards from Barcelona,Marta

How adorable! I love following his projects, what a great dad!

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