so beautiful, you make it look amazing, can't believe it straight from a box

very funny! but you make it look so hip in your pics! and now it's going to be a sensation!!

That is HILARIOUS! I LOVE your mom. Why arn't we best friends again? That story along with your family vaca story to NC during hurricane season are the best! Actually, I think I was best friends with your mom in a previous life…Possible? I think so.

i think this is such a great idea – i might have one for my birthday!

Yes, Akiko, Allie is right. It's just one of those cheap generic blocks of ice cream. my parents knew we weren't picky about our sweets!

Akiko, I think the funny part of her story is that it is not an actual ice cream "cake" (like the Nestle ones) but simply a 1/2 gallon block of generic ice cream taken out of the cardboard. In this case the vanilla-chocolate-strawberry stripes just came that way. It's a popular "flavor" called Neopolitan. You can find it in every brand of ice cream here pretty much.

Just found your blog through Alphamom. Your story made me remember of my childhood in Brazil where Nestle used to have these rectangular cakes that came out of the box ready to be sliced – just like your photo. Where do you find this kind of icecream cake in the US? Or, do you assemble in a rectangular pan with three flavors of ice cream? By the way, your blog is adorable!

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