BlogNog: Wooden Bead Trivets

Next up we have lovely Jenn from A Merry Mishap sharing a fun DIY wooden trivet. Welcome, Jenn!

This trio of wooden trivets are easy to make but perfect for the inevitable holiday entertaining.

You’ll need wood beads, approximately 1″, leather cord, scissors and olive oil.
These 3 were exactly 2 bags of beads and fit snugly inside
each other.

I simply strung the beads onto the leather cord until I had the amount
of beads I wanted. I crossed the ends over each other and stretched the
leather a bit by squeezing sections of the circle together. Then I pulled the
leather cord as tightly as possible, doing this 2 or 3 times to make sure you
have the cord pulled as small as possible. I tied the end in double knots and
left extra on the ends to make a loop for hanging.

Leaving the largest and smallest rings bare, I rubbed each bead, before stringing
together, with olive oil to give them a darker, richer color.
The wood is durable and over time will darken under hots surfaces.


Oh my goodness! I have been looking for something useful my girls and I could make for neighbors! This is perfect!!

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