BlogNog: Halloween Advent Calender by Molly

Today’s the start of a really fun holiday series I’m doing here called BlogNog! I’ve collected a group of some really fabulous fellow bloggers who are sharing some of their favorite tips, tricks and crafts for the holidays. The series will be running every Wednesday now through New Years. I’m so excited to share with you all of these brilliant ideas and think it’ll be super inspirational. Plus I know you get sick of my incessant big bows + stripes obsessions. Trying to mix things up a bit. Are you ready for our first one?!?

To start things off we have wonderful Molly here from the blog, My Favorite Things. She has a great Halloween tradition to share today with us. Welcome Molly!

I love the start of Fall. It is absolutely my most favorite time of year because it signals the start of the holiday season. And I la la love holidays. I love each and every holiday, not just the big ones. And I especially love Halloween!

Now that I have two rambunctious boys (with another shortly on the way), I have good excuse to decorate the house with a bit of spooky décor and start fun traditions that will carry on into the future.

This year I decided to start a Halloween Advent Calendar and it has turned out to be a smashing success. It is the very first thing my boys ask to do when they wake up in the morning. My youngest will often tip toe into my room and ask what day it is, only to make sure he retrieves the correct surprise from the little felt pocket.
I tuck little tricks and treats into the tiny open pockets, times two of course! Sometimes there will be a small piece of candy and other times my boys get surprised with a dollar bill. I also purchased some small Halloween trinkets from our local Target in addition to little notes like…

No matter how big or small the surprise is my boys love them all. I definitely plan on bringing out the advent calendar at the start of each October.

Happy Halloween dear readers!
Thanks so much for having me Liz!


Oh, I just love this idea (both the advent and the BlogNog!)… I am decorating for fall today! ya!

shall we then call it a countdown calendar? yikes, I had no intention of diluting anything. just trying to have a bit of fun :)thanks for having me for a visit Liz. I love me some "say yes to hoboken"!

Very cute, but we can't properly call this an Advent calendar. Advent is a specific season marking the 40 days before Christmas. In the spirit of celebrating each holiday as it comes, let's not dilute/ repurpose/ misuse the term "Advent". (I think this would be comparable to calling a centerpiece basket of fall fruits an "Autumn Easter Basket" simply because we associate baskets with the Easter tradition of collecting eggs in a basket. It doesn't make sense.)

I saw this in the catalogue and love that you tried it out and use it so well. Very fun!

this is such a cute idea! I love Halloween and there are so many fun things to do with kids each day

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