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I’ve started contributing to Babble’s Family Style blog where I’m posting daily on some of my favorite products for the family and home. Check out my favorites this week:

Adorable stripey slipper socks for both adults + kids. Your toes will thank you. Check out all the fun patterns too.

You’ll never guess where I found these classic fall jackets. Seriously, I was shocked.

The perfect accessories for your fall wardrobe. I love the look of those hammered brass hoops.

My prediction is that this pattern is the new chevron stripe. Kind of obsessed with these pillows right now!

My favorite swag from Mighty Summit. Flats that fold up super small to fit into your purse!! Aren’t those gold ones amazing? Read about them here.

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When you say "we", who do you mean? I always wonder that! Love your blog.

gawd the beige dress with yellow stripe is amazing!-Lyndsay

Ballet Flats. Cross Body Satchel. I will never give those up! 2012, 2013, whatever year I will find them!

Love the nursery sheets, I can't resist stripes!Looking forward to the new blog!!

haha am with you ONE HUNDRED PERCENT on the trends that need to go Liz. 😛

agreed on most of your styles that need to go. You made me laugh! I do love birds though, but have not decorated with any at my house, because I could totally see it getting out of hand 😉 and I admire people that can get their babies to wear headbands. I could never get mine too. One day I was determined that you just needed to keep putting it on and they would get used to it (I've had four baldy girls) I swear I put that thing on about 200 times in a day. I just had to realise my kids do not like anything on their head until they are about 3 years old and that they will look like hobo's most of their lives ;)I really really agree on the shoes thing too. I think big chunky wide band shoes look terrible and we are fools for thinking we look good! I'm not really into the wedge bootie thing, they make your legs/feet look weird. I see so many girls in my city who can barely walk. They walk with a weird clop clop because they can barely stand up in their shoes. Its funny to see girls struggling to stay to PJ jeans, no to elastic ankles (unless a very skinny model)

Oh I have a dress like this! Looks lovely!! 🙂 Christmas party dresses

haha I am sooo over the flower headbands for little baby girls too! They are generally bigger than the child's head!

Emily, I agree the functionality isn't the best. They're working on finding another plugin- any suggestions?

Love that skirt and your posts. I wish I could view all of the images on babble at once though.

Hope you're having a blast! Thanks for the link Liz, you're awesome.

Murren! We were just there in August. Oh my gosh, it's a spectacular place. Hope you got some clear skies & enjoyed the view.

i tried on a romper this summer + i immediately took it off. i felt frumpy! the little girl dress is sweet though~ wish it came in big people's sizes! :)happy weekend!

I can never pull off a romper! Well maybe…if it fitted me right and I liked the style & pattern :P

I haven't braved the romper yet but I could go for those flats!Have a wonderful long weekend!

Can I pull off a romper? No. No no no. I am not 4 years old any more. My toddler? Sure.

That picture may have just solved the problem of my Popsicle aversion! Real fruit, non-melty, but still on a stick like toddlers love 🙂

wants the hat + the dress!and those potholders look perfect!

I can't believe those sandals have lasted you 5 years! Way to go!xo,

LOVE that dress! xo jillian:: enter to win a $100 shopping spree!

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oh my goodness. too many things i love! thanks for sharing! 🙂

All I can say is 2011 is going to be a great year for J.Crew, and a bad year for my bank account. Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy this gorgeous weather while it lasts!

I want some of those blocks for me!And you finally inspired me to check out Old Navy yet again. I've never found anything I like there, yet all my friends have the cutest stuff that they always tell me is from that store!Playing It Cooley

This is what I know about you: You loves bows and camping but not wearing jeans.

Is that a Forever21 dress? It is beautiful! I can't find it on their website.

The dog bow tie is outrageously adorable!! but then again, so is that dog!

Great belt and shoes from Forever 21 – too short for me though. Also love that orange suitcase…

I just love Forever21. That is all.Haha, I actually just saw that cake and posted about it the other day too! Looks so fun!Playing It Cooley

SO excited about F21. I hate that the closest one is 30 minutes away but that's actually maybe a good thing.KaylaFreckles in April | a modest clothing blog

That angry birds cake is amazing!!! Ooo I'm excited to see more of what Forever 21 will have!! =)Shabby Apple Dress Giveaway!

Top knot buns, I've been going for those lately, but just got my hair layered more and now it falls out everywhere (sigh).Happy ground hog day!

Oh, how I would kill for that strawberry-blonde hair. :-/

UO is one of my favorite stores, that is such a cool idea for them!

Love, LOVE the bows! And Dwell, well, their stuff is always so great. Happy to have found your blog. I'm just up north from your old digs on the Hudson (closer to the GWB).

Steph-agreed. They always do a great job with rugs too!

Those Valentines are irresistible! And who can resist a giant satin bow? Love this list!

I heart those geometric rugs from Dwell Studios.

ohhh that puzzle cutting board is sooo clever!! i love it!!

Wow, that is a great chopping board!p.s. love the pants, not the price thoughBlue Skies,Charlotte xo

Love this sequin bag for the holiday season.

i am so upset i missed grabbing that sequin bag while i could! in that color, anyway.

I totally knew it was Gap because I already bought the denim version as an everyday diaper bag 🙂

great post!I am always in search of crafts to do with my nieces! That apron is perfect for our next craft day, then we'll make cookies:)xxcallie

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