I love Poketo's new line. Me and my mum went to Target to check it out, and she bought me the Geo Bag!I love it and will probably post it on my blog soon. Come by and visit sometime.‚ô°

Who needs a new tote bag?? I have soo many already, but man, do I want the geo print tote. Thanks for sharing!

this is the 2nd time i've heard about the poketo target collection. i may have to go stock up on tote bags!

i went into target yesterday intending to only buy a bag… i ended up buying the first tote in your post, a keychain & a wallet. i had to restrain myself from getting a new laptop case as well! i didn't think we'd get the poketo line at my target (in maine… we don't get a lot of cool designer target collaborations here) – but when we did… i was so exicted i got a little carried away, hahai'll have to avoid target until everything else sells out or i know i'll get a few more brightly-colored items to add to my collection.

So cute! I've never heard of this designer before but I like her style!

Great pics. I'm such a sucker for dots. Thanks, Liz! (PS: have linked through to your memory card game today – love it!)

target is such a dangerous place — they just keep getting better!! the better they get, the poorer i get!

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