It’s been really hot the last few days here

Been eating lots of fruit (below is a stand we stopped at in Sonoma last week) and wearing minimal clothing. Pretty sure those shorts above are size 9 mo.My hair hasn’t been this curly in years thanks to no ACHitting the beach daily ( At Crissy Field and below down towards Half Moon Bay).

I think it’s slowly wearing on Hank. He is constantly complaining about it being too hot and bright.
After yesterday’s beach outing he spoke his longest sentence so far:

“All done beach. Stay home. Eat wallerlermelon”. Done and done. It’s cold and cloudy again today.


so incredibly hot!! i never thought i'd miss the cloudy, cold days. is sam didn't spend a week prior at the beach and wasn't fighting an ear infection, i'd be at the beach right with ya'll!! love the 70's shorts. 🙂

Totally know how Hank feels. After two beautiful but bright and hot days outside in SD, we were melted and just wanted be in an air conditioned room with a cold drink. Stay cool!

awww… half moon bay. home! I am a hmb grown utahn for now. miss the ocean. especially when it's warm enough to dip more than just your feet in… enjoy it for me!!!!! love your blog – thanks for your inspiration! hope you have a great day!

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