Kirby Cove II

We went camping last night under the Golden Gate Bridge (again). It was perfect camping weather and we had a great view of the bridge from our tent.

Yes, that is a blow up mattress. When we aren’t backpacking, we sleep luxuriously in our tent.
Below was a similiar view the next morning. The bridge was barely peaking through the heavy fog
Sidenote: We had some aggressive raccoons that managed to eat every last crumb of food in our locked food locker, without opening it, while we slept. They left an empty box of graham crackers, without a tear on it. Hate those magician raccoons!


That looks awesome! It seems that we have switched places so to speak–my wife and I are from Ca and are now living in NY. Hope you're enjoying the bay area, it sure seems you are!We've got some trips in Ca that we documented in cali on our blog if you're ever looking for some ideas.

This is so cool! Didn't know you could do it :)

Ha!! That is hilarious and brilliant. Will definitely be packing heat next time

My husband went camping with the boy scouts, who got sick of the raccoons eating their food. One night, the boys put tobasco sauce inside marshmallows. The raccoons screamed well into the night.

Oh my gosh…SO COOL! We have to do that. I'm going to look it up online right now. 🙂 I love the foggy shot from the morning…

i never knew there was camping so close to the bridge. this looks like so much fun!

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