Egyptian Goods

My sister is returning home from a semester abroad in Egypt next week and I’m scrambling to think of what I want her to bring back for me. Any ideas? I’m thinking some Egyptian (maybe Morrocan?) fabric and exotic spices. I can’t wait to pick her brain on everything Egyptian when she returns.
(pic and pic )

PS Listening to her talk furiously in Arabic to her landlord yesterday on skype was the best part of my day (yes, I watched Mad Men).

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elena, thanks! i just emailed her about that spice…sounds amazing!

Liz, you must ask her about Dukkah. It is the most delicious nut+spice mixture to dip bread into. You simply must try it. Here is a link to the one I made. Absolutely delish. of my friends brought me the most beautiful scarf from Egypt (scarves are my weakness…) the colors are beautiful (and it wil not take much space in her bag). Good to have your sister back home. Enjoy the time with her.CheersElena

I think you're on the right track – fabric and spices are excellent! Also – rugs and brassware. Rugs will probably be too bulky (sob) but some choice brass pieces might fit in the luggage.

i'm oh so jealous right now of her time in egypt. i want to go so bad!

My best friend is in Egypt this summer for a Fulbright-Hays seminar and her updates are amazing. I'm incredibly jealous, but I also can't wait to see what she brings home for me. 😀 hehehe

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