Floral Kicks

These might end up being the kind of shoes that get tried on frequently but don’t leave the house all too much. Even so, I still have a crush on them.

(seen via Eat Drink Chic)


Ok, don't be jealous, but I'm friends with Jeff Campbell's sister, and she gives away tons of free shoes! I have probably 20 pairs that I got for free!! I love his style.

I almost bought a pair of floral shoes today, but stopped myself for the very reason that you noted. Now, I'm sorta regretting that choice!

ps. sorry for the double comment, but i am adding you to my links 🙂 your blog is awesome xo

I LOVE them! But I don't know if I could pull them off, but they are pretty enough to just look at.

I say rock those shoes! They're really adorable! It'd be a great way to punch up a neutral outfit 🙂

The shoes are adorable, I never know how to wear those oxford shoes…but I do try them on everytime I see a fun pair!

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