Displaying Collections

Do you display any collections you have? Browsing through collections in
my archives makes me want to start to collect something..and then create a beautiful display around them. Also, if you love collecting things, you’ll love to scroll through this delightful blog, A Collection a Day.
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I recognize! Now I want all those globes…NOW. xo.

totally! i'm collecting vintage plates right now & loving them… i also want to collect all kinds of ampersands to display on our dining wall. and old jars. and vintage frames.i should probably stick with one at a time haha.

what a great idea! inspires me to put ribbons strewn across my wall. hmmm…

I *love* A Collection a Day – groups of things are just so pretty. I collect vintage cameras and blue depression glass. Right now I have all of the cameras on display and most of the glass, although I haven't changed either around in a while, so it might be time to do that!

I love those globes! that photo makes me want to start a collection.

I don't really collect too much, but I do have a small display of pink depression ware glass dishes on a shelf in my kitchen. I love the way those old cameras look displayed on those boxes.

These are all beautiful. I love the rocks- so simplistic but lovely none the less

I gave up most of my collections a few years ago, when we decided to minimalize and simplify our life a bit, but these images…oh they are so creative. I do still have my shells and vintage children's books and I'm inspired to display them more creatively now!

Oh, those plates and glass bottles are lovely! I wish I had more space to showcase collections. (And I wish I had a collection…)

I love collections. I have collected thimbles for about 15 years and I just started a plate collection.

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