Love, love these. I can't wait until they arrive. (Plus American Apparel tees are the coziest, right?)

julia, weird. when i went to check out yesterday the ONLY shipping option was 'free shipping'. i guess they must have gotten a ton of orders the last 24 hrs and changed that?

wait, how did you get free shipping? it says it on the front page but is not giving me the option – only the $3 something shipping fee.

love it. jan did a service mission trip in college in haiti so i'm ordering him one right now.

what a great idea, nothing beats donating money and getting free stuff! perfect

I had to order one too. Thanks for sharing…it was so nice to see that this Florida father-son team would send something to lil' ol' me down in NZ! Thanks for your posting generally, too…I'm one of your quieter (most envious) subscribers.

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