I love wooden stamps, I usually order one when I move. There's something honest and lovely about stamping something with ink… I don't quite get the same excitement when sticking on an adhesive return address label, am I right?

super cute. i may need to order one for our post christmas christmas cards.

Love them! I've been on the hunt for some cool address stamps… Happy Holidays!

Love this! I'm heading to Etsy to add this shop to my favorites right now…I may need one of these come January when I start thinking about being organized again :)p.s. if you have time to meet me for a treat at Les Madeleines, shoot me a text or email 🙂

As I was gocco-ing all of my return addresses I was swearing to Jared that next year I was going to get a cool stamp to do it instead.Lovely lovely.

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