My One and Only Purse

There’s nothing like a good quality leather purse. This Rachel Nasvik leather purse above was a Christmas gift from Jared five years ago. I really wanted something timeless and excellent quality that would last a long time. And it has! I still love it! We had a connection to the designer so we got a great deal and five years later it’s still my one and only. Even Jared admits it was a really good purchase for all the use it’s gotten.
That said… I love all of Rachel Nasvik’s bags (also see them here and here). A great vintage feel to them and totally timeless. If I just had to get another one, forced at gunpoint, I wouldn’t be completely opposed to her tabitha bag, which is a few seasons old but you can still get it here. It’s awesome and HUGE.

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Actually awesome bag! I'm sure that's the proper approach to this matter.

oh my god i LOVE that bag! both of them really. now i just need to save up my pennies!

that bag is gorgeous–it is always worth getting something that is just right if you'll use it for years.

SUCH an awesome bag, and I totally agree it's worth the designer price because it lasts!

Oh man, I have always loved her bags! I used to work with her boyfriend/baby daddy (I think they're broken up now) and I always kick myself for not getting one, since I have not stayed in touch. She has amazing colors and the most beautiful shapes.But I am now one of botega vanetta's top lady's hair stylist, so I get 50% off of everything there. Which I have to say is a good trade off. Their bags are beautiful!! And a good bag (even the very expensive) is a good investment in my opinion.

I LOVE the purse! You've DEFinitely gotten good use out of it — 5 years!! 🙂 Thanks for the heads up on the designer. There's really nothing better than a good quality purse … I loathe the "throwaway" purses made of pvc and whatnot. (yuck!)Off to check out the purses… 🙂

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