em made a tulip skirt last year that was sold at anthro. she gave me one for my birthday and it was a summer staple. thanks for the link. and your lovely notes.

haha, i tried them on last week and they are insane looking on me (but beautiful on the model!!!)

patricia, you're right, it would be awesome as a skirt!

Those are honestly the ugliest things I've ever seen in my life! Have you seen the "mom jeans" commercial from SNL? That's what those pants are! What draws you to them? The fact that they'll make you look like you have a 4 month pregnancy pooch? Or that they will give you camel toe? You still love me, right? Friends don't let friends wear pants like that.

Love that detail on top. It would be perfect as a skirt though!

Don't do it Liz. They may look amazing as Susan said, but still…don't do it!

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