Socks with Heels?

Hm, I don’t know, people. Part of me likes this new look J.Crew is pulling with its trouser socks under heels/strappy sandals thing, and part of me thinks that once again, here’s a trend only super model bodies can pull off (however, this is what I initially thought of skinny jeans)…What do we think?

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thats what panty hose/stockings are for, to keep your toes warm

Uh, no, no, and no. Things on runways and in print ads aren't always meant for mainstream USA. Agreed that if you are a model in a big city perhaps…

Well the verdict seems to be: unless you're a Japanese supermodel who lives in brooklyn, this look isn't for you. Right?

When I was in Japan whenever I came back to the states I would see styles that had been in Japan for a year or more, skinny jeans, dresses over jean and leggings, and actually socks with heels. I guess it is true what they say about fashion starting in Tokyo. I still don't think I like it though. But probably you could pull it off you are ultra hip like that.

I just think I'd feel so silly! And like I belonged on the set of Gossip Girl, or something. For me, it's one of those trends that is definitely not something I personally can pull off because I like to be comfortable. But hey, in the Mission, other people are pulling off just about anything… If you go for it let us know how you feel!

I'm not a fan! I occasionally wear socks w/flip flops when I take out the garbage but NEVER out in public for fashion-sake.

AND 20% off j.crew's final sale items until thursday. i'm gonna check out the trouser socks… 🙂

Ugly ugly ugly and a GREAT way to look your legs look both shorter AND fatter. Can you say cankles!? Sick! Yeah, a 6'2" model, MAYBE but the rest of us, well no. But you know how I feel about skinny jeans for anyone over a size 4!

I'm kind of wanting to at least try it out (in the privacy of my own bedroom of course).

hmmm i get the nerdy school girl look but still couldn't do it. but maybe i'll eat my words…

Oh gosh… I don't think I can do it… that's craziness! I'm not going to roll my jeans either… I think I heard a rule once that if you did the trend the first time (80s) you can't do it the second? I think I'll stick with that 🙂

i dig it. plus, jcrew is fashion forard. they had rolled up boyfriend jeans two years ago and now they're everywhere. but, i'm not sure if i'm brave enough to pull just yet.

It's very nerdy school girl. A little too nerdy fitfor my taste

I am puzzled by this. I see it and think, "that outfit is great except for the socks".I don't think I'll be jumping on that

haa thanks everyone. as much as i want to hate it…almost every nerdy fashion look has come back in, so i'm thinking i should just sit still and watch?

I really think this only works for models or for some very limited business dressy events.

actually i think with the right shoes (and those legs) it could look good

I dig it but agree that it may just be for models. Or, people with lovelier legs than mine.

I think if i had those lovely shoes anything would look good with it!

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