Linda and Harriett

A friend I coached lacrosse with in NJ, Liz Libre, has a really beautiful letterpress stationary business called Linda and Harriett. Aren’t they adorable? Check out this podcast here where she talks about how she started her stationery business and what inspires her.

She’s one of those people that’s really good at lots of things. I still have pages and pages of notes of drills and plays and concepts from coaching lacrosse with her that I keep under lock and key. She’s just a really inspiring person, all around, and incredibly sweet.
So happy for her success with Linda and Harriett. She totally deserves it.

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It has been a dream/goal of mine for the past 4 years to get (or make…yeah, right) a letterpress so I can create my own stationary. I have a small stationary fetish. I have never seen her stuff before, but am glad I know about her now.

{{{hug}}}Thank you for linking my podcast! I LOVED interviewing Liz. 😀

oh yes. i've seen linda and harrietts work before and it's beautiful. that's so cool you know her! you are very well connected

Wow! She's REALLY good! I especially love the cake plate card.

You're the nicest. Thanks, Liz. Had fun watching you on the news clip. So you're moving to San Fran?? Amazing. Hope you're well!!

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