Sandals for Baby Hank

I’m so frustrated trying to find some cute summer sandals for Baby Hank. As you can see above, everything seems to be too sporty/athletic or too flimsy. I’m looking for some decent leather sandals that I could dress up/dress down (not flip flops) and would last the whole summer but having a hard time finding some cute ones for boys, even on ebay. I love salt water sandals but they seem to be too girly, any recommendations?

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(why do you not show up in my bloglines anymore? i’m so behind.)i was planning on getting salt water sandals for fred. i think our boys are masculine enough to pull it off. plus, you’ll be living by the ocean–i think it is part of the lifestyle.

I just bought another pair of Salt Water’s for my 6 year old son. He’s been wearing a pair every summer since he was 1. When I bought them I debated whether or not he’s too old for them…but they are just so dang cute and I decided they are a great look to dress up his normal daily (very boy looking) attire.

Boys shoes are so hard. There is so much ugly in the world! I just want some cute, non-goofy shoes, without ugly cartoon characters and without flashing lights. Is that so hard?!?!

i felt your pain a couple of months ago when i was trying to find elsa some regular shoes & thought all the boys shoes where way better than the girls-(i hate all the flowers and girly colors) sandals are another story though. i do love the salt waters and i think they are pretty cute on boys.try babinskis- they have a lot of sandals to choose from

I got these for my son a few weeks ago. They have toe coverage, which is good for toddlers, and his feet don't sweat in them. He has worn them to the zoo, park, etc. and they still look great!

I find boy shoes in general hard to find. Those see kai run’s are awesome, slightly European and a cool modern take on classic baby shoe styles. I just ordered Zander the red “charlie” sandals, too cute.

my boy cousins wore salt waters and i thought they were adorable. in fact, i am used to ONLY seeing them on boys and mid-nineties teenage girls.

i am a big fan of vincent shoes and they have a great closed toe sandal called the bobby. They are comfortable, well made and my daughter ran around in it all summer (actually learned how to walk in them).

We are having the same problem! I think I’m going to splurge for the see Kai run sandals, the only problem is that I saw them in a boutique in San Diego but haven’t been able to find them anywhere since and I won’t buy him shoes on line because his feet are really fat so he has to be able to try them on. I wish someone could get a clue on boy sandals!

When my son was little I found great stuff at the Gap. We used to buy him those little canvas sneakers too..Diesel shoes sometimes makes stuff too. I hate the clunky sporty sandals..And yes please do not put saltwater sandals on your baby boy..definitely too girly.

I found some Ecco sandals at Nordstrom Rack (orig $60, got them for $30). They’re leather but not too ‘fisherman sandals’-like…i.e., my husband will permit them to be on my son’s feet! has free overnight shipping and returns — order him some of the see kai run brown leather sandals. you’ll love them.

yes/ boy summer shoes are impossible. I normally get the sporty old navy flip flops wit hthe back strap to keep them on. i hate to admit it, but stride right sometimes does a nice leather shoe you could pull off for church or with shorts. but they don’t look right on eery build of boy, my first was long and lean and they looked nice and preppy, but my second boy is rough and tumble so they look ridicuilous on him. probably sounds silly, but it’s true. you just know if it’s for him or not once you try them on.

thanks for all the suggestions, guys! i will definitely check these all out

You know, I don’t have a problem with the Salt Water Sandals for boys. When I was growing up, my mom always bought my brothers and I each a pair at the beginning of the summer and, even though they took a beating, the lasted all summer. In fact, I’m going to get a pair in brown or navy for my son this summer. I also got him a pair of the “Riley” style sandals from Target – the navy blue fisherman sandal-type. Great for the park and cushy for his feet.

what about these: have these for my little one and I get the MOST compliments on them.. They are too sporty. She wears them with a pair of jeans and can also go and play on the playground with them or in the garden..

i’m so with you…i’m having the hardest time finding any good sandals for my little guy.until i do. crocs it is… he loves them and they clean up easy..

I think the brown salt water sandals would look really cute on a boy. The blue ones too. Oh, but I see the other suggestion is for See Kai Run. Those shoes are great. Try them and you will be addicted to their cuteness.

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