Mod Cloth Skirts

Anyone that knows me knows that I spend a lot of time in skirts during the hot months of the summer. It’s just the only comfortable option for me in the heat. I’m loving the selection of skirts (and great prices- most around $40-$50) at a new-to-me shop called Mod Cloth, seen on the fabulously hip shopping blog Love it A lot. Also be SURE to check out their adorable dresses and jackets.

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Hello? I thought that was a picture of a some leggy model…but it was you. Nice skirt!

That skirt is FAB-tastic. I've always said I'd invest all my money in H&M if I could. Why? Because they make clothes like this skirt. And I love them for it.

hot. and is that your bedroom? want to see more pictures, looks great

This is a great find! I’ve never heard of them before but I’m loving all of it

I’m looking forward to the San Fran weather. Cardigans every day doesn’t sound too bad. Meanwhile, I’m still here in the heat for another little while.

Love them! But, sadly, I’m not anticipating wearing too much full on summer clothing in San Francisco… What they say is true! It’s freezing in the summer. We’ll just have to plan escapes to beaches south of town…

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