Beehive Bazaar

Got a chance to check out the Beehive Bazaar last night. It was hot. So hot in fact that it felt like one of clubs that seems cool to be in, but really you can’t wait to leave. I was covering it for a story on YHO posted today but I must tell you, the hottest table at the bazaar was motley handmade. I managed to snag a headband, but practically had to step on about fifteen 20-year old Provo hipsters to do it. Pretty though, huh?
See more pretty stuff at the motley handmade shop here.
The bazaar is open today and tomorrow as well so if you’re in the Provo area, check it out for sure, tons of really great stuff and sorry to the hipsters I trampled.
(pic above from her shop)

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When I was a BYU cougar we called the Provo hipsters the “coffee kids”They just looked like they should be reading Vonegut at a coffee shop to me…

yes. that place was waaay to crowded… it was fun to finally meet you in person!

those hipsters are always getting in the way. hope you scuffed up their vintage chucks…

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