We’re moving things around a little in our living room. We bought a new tv, we’re getting rid of the armoire, putting the new tv up against the wall on top of the coffee table and buying an ottoman for the center of the room. I haven’t had much time to look for ottomans. Since our couch is blue (picture of it here), I’d like to get something darker like black or grey for the ottoman. I’m also not opposed to a cool black and white animal print, although I haven’t seen any of those that are reasonably priced. Here are the ones I like right now. Any other suggestions? Storage for blankets and books might be nice but not mandatory.

I kind of like this one for it’s simplistic modern style (and it’s on clearance!)

This dark grey one I like from Ikea has some storage.
Here’s another idea one that’s nice (but kind of pricey for ikea).
I haven’t been crazy about any I’ve seen, to be honest. But maybe I just don’t know what I want. Any suggestions guys?

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we have the kramfors from ikea. love it. it’s pricey because it’s actually a bit more durable than their usual crap! we got the couch in newark when we were there! i’m trying to solve my ottomon & coffee table dilemma as well. i’m leaning toward a multi-functional piece….coffee table with storage and that can be sat on as well….pier one has a great one on sale right now.

personally, i’ve never seen a guitar player rock out at a concert sitting down. that’s just what i’ve observed……

No, professional guitar hero players do not stand up. I made fun of my sister when she came to visit because she stood up. I am now so awesome that I can play with the wireless one from the COUCH! (should I be bragging about how lazy I am while playing video games?)

We have the kramfors ikea one and really love it. But it doesn’t have storage. I have friend that SWEAR by JCPenney furniture. They say they have the same stuff as pottery barn, but cheaper.

I like the first and last one. I think the first one is nice and sleek, if you don’t care about storage.

i always get too excited when i play guitar hero. i have to stand up to rock

what brooke? you don’t play guitar hero stnading up like a rock star?

We just bought two from Target. I will try to find them to show you. When you push them together they could be like a coffee table or we just have them as extra seating. What I love about ours are that they are the kind with storage which is something we are always in need of! I was hesitant to buy them (so dang expensive even from Target) but they have decluttered our living room significantly AND we are constantly using them for extra seating (great for sitting on or leaning against while playing guitar hero!)

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