Sunshine day

I love this top from Anthropologie. I hope it goes on sale soon while it’s still spring.

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Wait, seriously, making a list of your future purchases? Awesome. Talk about too much time on your hands. Liz, do you have a “list” you take to the mall? Yellow shirt at AnthropologieGreen shoes at Urbanpurple dress at Forever 21. Just in case you forget!? Gosh, are you allowed to buy stuff that’s not on your list? Anyway, the top is cute, but yes it has to go on sale. Buying things full price at Anthropologie should be a crime. They should give you a bag with a picture of a starving child on it that says “you could have just fed me for a year with this top you bought”.

I saw it first on the internet and it isn’t as cute in person…Are you making lists of all your future purchases?

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