Forever Spring

Here’s my line up of cute spring dresses from Forever 21. For the sleeveless ones, I’d wear a light summer cardigan like this one or this one, and of course some ankle strap flats. The black one would be nice dressed up with some hot heels and a fancy silver cardigan.

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i actually like that red one in the bottom middle. and you don’t need a cardigan!

Fun finds, Liz. I like the top left and top middle, and bottom left. I bought a strapless dress yesterday, which I figure a cardigan will (hopefully) work nicely with.I think our F21 opens any day now….

spence, i’m glad you like the dresses. i think that white one would look super cute on you

Hey! I’m the first to comment! Wait a second – this is about dresses isn’t it…oh geez.

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