• Making First Year Baby Photobooks

    kolo photobooks

    Do you make baby photobooks for your kids?  Rather than wait until they were teenagers or older, I wanted to make photobooks of their first year while they were still young and could enjoy them casually here at home. Last year I was visiting my sister Celeste and her two cute kids were completely captivated by these baby photobooks she had made them. I’ve been meaning to make some ever since. Nothing makes Henry smile more than talking about the silly things he did as a baby: how he used to hate taking baths, the funny way he would sit in his high chair with one leg up, or how he nonchalantly sat on his cake at his first birthday party (he’s insisting Edie do the same). kolophotobook8

    We’ve made a storybook before about his birth which was really sweet, but I’ve really wanted to put together an heirloom quality book for him and Edie with as many photos as I wanted from his first year, and have the flexibility to add more in at a later date.

    As I mentioned before, I’m partnering with Kolo on a few projects to create heirloom quality photo products for our family and making baby photobooks was top on my list. Kolo is the premier photo album and photo book for professional photographers and designers. The quality of the their products are unmatched from any other kind of photobook I’ve seen. The pages lay flat and the linen covers are so lovely to handle (and in such amazing colors). The better the quality, the more likely it’ll be displayed front and center in your home and the more times it’ll be opened and shared with family and friends. It’s a really wonderful product that I highly recommend and I truly think it is worth the investment.

    kolo photobooks



    Keep reading to hear more about the baby photobooks we made…

    Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers. Thanks to Kolo for sponsoring this post. Opinions and images are my own.


  • Weekend Roundup


    Hi! Happy the weekend is here. It’s been a long week. Henry had eye muscle surgery on Monday for a lazy eye (exotrophia) he’s had since he was a baby. We tried other non-invasive methods to fix it but nothing has worked so surgery was the last option. I was a hot mess at the hospital, but he’s doing great and is totally pain free. His eyes are just super red and light sensitive so he hangs out in cool shades and we’ve spent the week reading Junie B. Jones, listening to books on tape, eating his favorite foods (Shanghai dumplings, pizza, popsicles) and building lego sets. He’s had friends bring over treats, toys and make him get well posters  So sweet. He’s been in such a good mood, he loves the attention (reminds me of another kid who had surgery). He’ll be back to school after the weekend (and we might take him to Santa Cruz tomorrow to the boardwalk but shhh it’s a surprise!).

    PS I love this photo above of Henry (and a bit of his lazy left eye) from up in Point Reyes earlier this year

    Also! Things are growing here and we’ve got some exciting projects in the works so I’ve hired on a new intern and I can’t wait to get things moving with her on the team alongside my project assistant Sara and blog manager Ashley. In the summer we’ll bringing in at least one other intern too.

    One more thing! Excited to be featured as a ‘fascinating mom’ (only joke’s on them, I’m pretty boring I think) in the the May issue 0f Pregnancy and Newborn. Check out the print version in the magazine, or here’s the digital. FYI Edie has already slobbered on my copy, I need to find an extra.

    Huge giggle giveaway winner announced on the post!

    Amazing flowers at this wedding

    Rainbow carrots to grow in your garden

    A great project with Every Mother Counts for Mothers Day

    Oh my goodness, did you see that Kinfolk now has a clothing line??

    The most beautiful maxi dress

    My blog manager Ashley directed my attention to this funny post I wrote years ago where I shared 100 things about me. Fun to read!

    Fun rock band posters

    How to make those amazing bookshelf crates in Gabby’s reading nook

    These NYC tips and etiquette crack me up (and make me a bit homesick)

    A DIY maypole!

    Can’t stop thinking about this spring sweater

    An adorable plaid dress for Edie on sale

    Non diary chocolate pudding (made with avocados!?!)

    I’m dying over this zebra jacket

  • 12 Nursing Friendly Dresses for Spring


    A couple weeks ago I shared some favorite spring dresses and some of you (including myself) were interested in finding some nursing friendly versions so I’m sharing some of those today! I mentioned my nursing trick a few weeks back, but dresses are a whole other issue. On more than one occasion I’ve found myself wearing the wrong dress and had to scramble around to find somewhere totally private because I had no choice but to get undressed to feed my baby! So nursing friendly dresses are a must. No hooter hider can help here. Here are the options for nursing friendly dresses that we’ve found:

    1.  Buttoned down the front. Some are more feminine with a defined waist and might not be a favorite for your postpartum body. However, boxy shirt dresses are really in style now and particularly perfect for postpartum bods.


    2. Wrap style, which sometimes can feel too matronly to me but if it’s simple and the fabric is updated they are such a classic. The updated kimono version of a wrap is my favorite, especially in midi or even maxi form.

    With these thoughts in mind, my fashion editor, Ashley, and I went on a serious hunt and found 12 favorites…


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    Hi there! I’m Liz. I’m the founder and owner of Say Yes, an award winning lifestyle blog for women that celebrates family life with practical tips for home and personal style. I work with a team of amazing staff to come up with the best quality content to share each day with a readership of over 500,000 a month. Work on Say Yes has been featured by The Huffington Post, Real Simple Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, Parents Magazine, HGTV, and Martha Stewart to name a few. Say Yes has also partnered with many lifestyle household brands like Target, Gap, Crate and Barrel, Adobe, Ergo, Ford, and West Elm. For questions or inquiries, please email me at liz(at)sayyes.com. Welcome to my site! (Image above by Tara Rudolph)


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    I’m coming to San Francisco soon, do you have any recommendations of places to go and things to eat?

    Yes! I have a separate page on this topic right here. Short answer: there is so much awesomeness here.

    How do you make an income from blogging?
    I mostly make my income from collaborations with brands on campaigns, sponsored posts (you can see examples of my sponsored posts here), publisher program consulting, and brand ambassador work. I also sell small ads and banners ads on my site with small shops and through Federated Media.

    I’d love to blog as a career as well, how should I get started?
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    What kind of camera do you use?
    I have a Canon 6D and use primarily a 50 mm 1.4 lens. If you’re started out, I’d recommend getting a cheaper body, like a Canon Rebel, and investing in a lens like the 50mm 1.4 which is gorgeous for portraits.

    Can I feature your tutorial or images on my site?
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    Do you have recommendations for camping with kids?
    Yup, I have a post about that right here! Short story: It’s not as bad as you think!

  • Weekend Roundup


    How was your Halloween? I had grand plans of making chili, cornbread, and pumpkin cookies but in the end frozen pizza made an appearance. Having a cold while being super pregnant is not a fun combination. I did manage to make it out trick or treating with the cousins on a cute little street in the mission district. It was perfect, my only complaint was there were definitely not enough twix bars or milk duds in Henry’s stash when we got home. Henry loved his ‘zombie vampire’ costume although and he’s already talking about Christmas coming up in a couple months. I love this time of year! Hope you’re up to something fun this weekend, here are some links to explore:

    A pumpkin s’more donut muffin. WHAT.

    I love everything about this wedding day

    Cute DIY mountain stamped wrapping paper

    Extra 40% off sale styles at Madewell. Just ordered this silk pleated shirtdress for after baby

    What are you doing with all that Halloween candy?

    Great news. QP Collections, my favorite place for handmade ties, is having a sale, $56 on all their 2013 ties (yeah for holiday shopping done early)

    Apple cider float!

    Love this pretty DIY mini cone party decor

    Comfy and chic looking zipper leggings

    This seems like a fun creative activity to do with kids

    Also, just a note: my due date is less than a week away. I have a full month and a half of fantastic content planned with posts of mine, writers, and guest bloggers so I won’t be deserting you but I am taking a step back and letting my blog manager and assistant run things for a bit so I can spend time with our new baby when she comes. I’ll try to still respond to emails and questions but things might be slow going for a bit, I hope you understand! Of course I’ll update you with exciting news and new baby updates here and there, thanks everyone! xoxo, Liz

  • Weekend Roundup

    familyphotos1Back in August at my sister Katrina’s wedding, Ashley Thalman, whom I’ve absolutely loved working with on the fashion shoots for a long while now here, snapped a few quick photos of our family of 3.5 before the wedding reception began. Henry was a trooper. These were taken after the official wedding party photos so he was pretty exhausted from all the snapping, smiling, holding still business. Also, aren’t the boys ties/bowties cute? They’re hand printed by my sister’s new husband Quinn who owns the artisan shop I really do love, QP Collections. If you click here you can see more of the beautiful bride, our family/extended family at the reception and one amazing capture of me getting doooown on the dance floor with my sister.

    (Dress above from Asos Maternity, shoes from Seychelles at Zappos in melon)

    Have a great one, here are some links to explore:

    Tried a new banana cream pie recipe last week and now it’s my favorite

    I’m into camo are you? (these jeans!)

    DIY pumpkin pom poms for cute fall decor

    Deliciously creepy spider cakes

    A perfect fall sweater (and only $26)

    Making your own fancy paper

    Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake hilariousness #thanksmichelle

    Holy cow, Happily Grey is rocking those animal print jeans from Kate Spade

    Great tips for a stress-free 5 minute photo shoot with your baby

  • Weekend Roundup

    ohd_cp8_postWe leave this morning for Hawaii! Henry is really excited. Mostly about the idea of snorkeling, I hope it’s as fun as he’s imagining (always tricky to manage 5 yr old expectations!). I’m really looking forward to gorgeous beaches, warm weather, and exploring Kauai (some great recommendations from my instagram post, thank you!). Who knows when we’ll be able to take a relaxing trip like this again, newborns change everything! Speaking of, thanks for all the advice yesterday on baby products, I’m feeling a lot more prepared now. Have a wonderful weekend, here are some links:

    Paul Ferney is offering another round of The Commission Project for the holidays (image above).  My siblings and I commissioned a painting of our childhood home in NY earlier this year that my parents  just sold, and it turned out so beautiful

    Perfect distressed boyfriend jeans on my wishlist

    Have you seen Meta of One More Mushroom’s Henrik bed? Beautiful design- definitely on my must-have list when I need two twins beds!

    Beautiful fall coat and only $61!

    Kate Spade Saturday collection keeps killing it. The weekender bag

    Good changes for school lunches

    Wow, Emma’s DIY wedding dress!

    Love the pics of Freshly Picked’s new headquarters (makes me happy seeing friends having such great success!)

    Butterscotch pudding pops. Yum

    Yeah for Olive Us! (hip hip hooray!)

    Love these gray jeans for fall (skinny motorcycle is hot!)

    A cute DIY pop up desk!

    7 signs you’re a professional blogger

  • Weekend Roundup

    photo 3

    Yesterday my baby sister Katrina got married! It’s been a crazy week of water parks, cousins, bbqs, shopping, and of course thick shakes (Utah has the best shakes), ending in a beautiful wedding of Katrina and Quinn. Below is the dress I wore for the reception, a great maternity find from Asos Maternity right here. Here’s another dress I wore (from H&M- my favorite dress right now I think!). More photos on my instagram.

    photo 1

    We’re still here for a couple more days and then travel back to San Francisco on Monday morning. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    I’m catching up on my babble posts, here are a few of my links to explore:

    10 beautiful desks for your home office

    The best DIY baby blankets (love the heart one)

    10 last minute summer activities with kids (I’m so sad to see summer go soon!)

    13 cool throw pillows from UO and 10 pretty DIY pillows

    Ever thought of blowing bubbles like this?

    11 fun embroidery projects

  • Weekend Roundup


    Henry and I have been staying up in Bolinas Bay for the last couple days as part of a girls trip with some of my dearest friends from when we lived in Manhattan. Two years ago we had a similar getaway with these same ladies at Stinson beach which I posted about here. After this little getaway we’ll be packing our bags and heading to Utah for my sister’s wedding next week. I’m excited for one last taste of summer there and planning on hitting up local thrift stores to do some baby girl shopping (is it sad that I’ve been looking forward to doing that for months? Utah thrift stores are the best for kid clothes!). Hope you’re up to something fun, here are some links to check out:

    Transform a pillow sham into a cute DIY top

    Cute chambray dress I want (and only $39.99)

    Everything about this baby shower is adorable especially the popsicle macarons!

    Roasted strawberry and toasted coconut homemade popsicles. YUM

    Freezer stencil DIY birthday shirts

    Super cool wool hat, Indy Jones style (my good friend Kendra wears hers nonstop)

    Kate isn’t shy about her post-baby bump. So refreshing

    This summer salad sounds amazing

    I really really want to try this DIY shift dress (would be great maternity)

    PS This image above is from last weekend. We went on a quick camping trip in the High Sierras and rented a little motorboat for an afternoon. It was a perfect summer weekend. More images of our trip on instagram.

  • Weekend Roundup


    Hooray it’s Friday! This week has been a nice breather after our North Carolina trip and then ALT SF last week. It’s been good to get back into the swing of things. In another week we’ll leave to Utah for my sister, Katrina’s, wedding. Her and her fiance are the handsome blonde couple you might recognize from a bunch of photo shoots they’re done for Say Yes like couples costume ideas and 5 classic wardrobe pieces. I like to think they fell in love pretending to gaze into each other’s eyes for the shoots, but I think there was a spark already there between them. This weekend we’re headed out camping- maybe Point Reyes? Hope you’re up to something fun! Here are a few links to explore:

    How to make your own colorful wallpaper (image above)

    The cutest cat napkins

    Perfect summer sandals

    10 Top Patterns for East Coast Summer

    40% off sale items at Madewell (this is dangerous)

    Beautiful time lapse video of San Francisco fog (via Design Mom)

    My cousin had the most beautiful wedding (I’m dying over her dress)

    These kid mouse pants! The whole shop I love

    Gorgeous floral print maxi

    Modern, geometric DIY planters I want to try

    Sweet cloud hangers

    Only the best DIY lemonade stand

    Snack cars for kid lunches


    Only the coolest bag ever

    DIY spoons bugs (so cute!)

    9 items to celebrate the royal baby!

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