• Upgrading the Quick Kid-Friendly Dinner


    Our family schedule is really nuts this time of year and a lot of days weeknight meals are hard to get on the table (and difficult to consume with so many sweets around). Often, I turn to frozen food like chicken nuggets and peas, but that gets old really fast and not that appetizing to adults. Today, we’re partnering with Hip Chick Farms and their delicious organic chicken products to share an easy way to update the chicken nuggets and peas meal our family is very familiar with. Here’s how to make it company worthy…


  • 20 Best Toys to give a Three-year-old

    By Assistant Editor Ashley


    Liz and I have daughters just six weeks apart. The last two years we’ve done a gift guide around their ages (gifts for a one-year-old, gifts for a two-year-old), so we couldn’t help but follow up this year with a gift guide for three-year-olds. We also reached out to a few trusted friends to get their picks as well! Anything we’ve missed? (more…)

  • Two Holiday Outfits

    holiday outfits

    Have any holiday parties coming up? This week seems to be jam packed with them before we head to Tahoe this weekend. Here are a couple ideas on what to wear…


  • Dried Orange Holiday Garland

    orange garland

    Oranges may not have a traditional holiday color, but their aroma paired with cloves and cinnamon make them amazingly festive.  Every week we buy a huge bag only to devour them in a few short days. But today, Edie and I made them last. We cut and dried a couple oranges to make a garland in partnership with Seventh Generation, who made the cleanup super easy and safe. Here’s how to do it…

    orange garland


  • What Kids Really Want


    I spend a lot of time shopping around online for holiday gifts. Usually it goes like this: I get a sense of what my kids want/need, and then combine that with what I want to spend money on and what kinds of things I want in our home. Today though we’re shopping a little differently.  As part of a partnership with Old Navy, we’re figuring on what kids really want for the holidays (no adult input allowed!). I took Edie and Henry to our local Old Navy and let them pick out what they would want to find wrapped under the Christmas tree this year.


    Here’s what they picked, and what they had to say about their selections…


  • 10 tech gifts under $50

    By Assistant Editor Ashley


    In the world we live in today, tech gifts are great gifts for almost everyone on your list. However, they usually break the budget. Not today! Here are 10 great tech gifts under $50!

    Click here to see the rest of our gift guides. (more…)

  • How to Tie the Perfect Holiday Bow: Two Ways

    how to tie a perfect bow

    Pretty wrapped packages make everyone happy. Today we’re partnering with Martha Stewart’s line of holiday decor at Home Depot to share two favorite ways to tie a big, oversized holiday bow for all the special gifts this season. Here’s how…


  • 10 family games for the holidays

    By Assistant Editor Ashley


    Whenever we get together for the holidays with family, we always end up staying up late playing games. Sometimes it’s canasta with granny, and sometimes it’s charades with all the adults. I love giving a game to my family for the holidays, so we have something new and fun to try. Here’s a round-up of some popular games out there, perfect for giving and playing!

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  • DIY Mini Window Wreaths

    mini window wreaths

    We have huge windows in our living room that have been begging me to be decorated for the holidays. So we have two fun projects with them I’m excited to share. First up, these mini window wreaths. Who says wreaths are only on doors or above fire places?mini natural wreaths

    Fresh greenery can be foraged or picked for cheap at your local florist. Today we’re making simple, small window wreaths with them. Here’s how they’re made…


  • DIY Rainbow Felt Tree Ornaments

    DIY felt tree ornaments

    I tend to go pretty neutral on Christmas decor, but every once in a while something in me goes nuts for color and it usually ends up in a rainbow project. Today we’re making some rainbow tree ornaments with felt. You can make these into a garland too! Here’s how…


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