• Are you still close to your childhood best friend?

    I’ve been thinking a lot about friendships lately. The older I get, the more difficult it seems it is to make close friends, and yet the more precious my close friends are to me. For the first 5 years of my life growing up in New York I lived next door to Mardi (us above) and then we both moved and lived 40 minutes away from each other. We’ve never lived in close proximity again and yet, 32 years later, she is still one of my very best friends…


  • Culottes for fall

    The temperatures have dropped this past week in California and it’s got me thinking about fall, especially fall fashion. On my radar this season are culottes. We’ve talked about wide leg jeans a few times, but I think culottes deserve a post of their own. Generally culottes are a shorter pant (mid-calf) and are typically made of something other than jean. I love them paired with a graphic tee for a casual look or slim sweater to dress them up. Great for work or running around town. Click through to see my favorite culottes from around the web. (more…)

  • An Easy Dinner Trick: The Meal Template

    When it comes to making dinner, I go through phases of trying new recipes, new techniques and different types of cuisine. Any deviation from my usual go-to requires a lot of thought, planning, and often a lot more work than I anticipated. Today I’m partnering with Dinner Hero from Revolution Foods to tell you about this one trick I keep coming back to for getting a delicious family-friendly dinner on the table quickly…


  • Fresh Berry and Mint Ice Cubes


    Recently, I’ve been converted to sparkly water. Not the flavored kind, just pure sparkling water. It’s my favorite drink: refreshing and special that feels well deserved at the end of a the day. Today we’re partnering with Crystal Geyser Sparkling to make this everyday refreshing drink even more special, by making our own berry, mint, and edible flower ice cubes to drink with it.

    A refreshing, beautiful, healthy drink that’s so easy to make and perfect to entertain with. So you can sit back and soak in those last memories of summer with your favorite people. Here’s how to make them…


  • Alaska Backpacking Trip: Chilkoot Trail

    FullSizeRender 148

    Last month I backpacked the Chilkoot trail through Southeast Alaska into British Columbia with 5 other girlfriends over 6 days. This is a yearly tradition: a girls only backpacking trip. It started a couple years ago when I realized that I’d only done outdoorsy trips with Jared, and wanted outdoor adventures I could own and plan myself.  The first one was canoeing in Maine. It was exactly what I wanted and needed. This time, we decided on Alaska. It was somewhere none of us had spent much time, and a place we were really itching to explore. The first part of our trip about the side trips I talked about a couple days ago here, and today I’ll share all about the backpacking portion. Be prepared for way too many details and far too many photos.

    FullSizeRender 144

    I’ve always loved outdoor adventures but this trip with some of my very best girlfriends only solidified this fact even more: that these are my very favorite trips. I’d take them over luxury spas and beach vacations again and again. It’s made me a better, more grounded, stronger person coming home. The best kind of nature therapy! Here we go…


  • Giving Back for Back to School


    Back to school is on my mind now that our travel is wrapped up and we’re getting settled back at home. It’s always so crazy how quickly summer speeds up at the end, are you feeling ready for the school year starting again? I’m happy to have partnered with JCPenney to help spread the word about a great promotion they have going on to give back this time of year…



  • Try this perfect late summer trend

    peasant top

    This trend has a terrible name but the style is right on point. I bring you, balloon sleeve tops! Similar to a peasant top, these blouses are billowy but have long sleeves that gather at the wrist to create that balloon effect. My favorite way to style them is with some highwaisted cutoff jeans for the perfect 70s, retro look. Click through to see the balloon sleeve blouses at the top of my list. (more…)

  • Alaska Backpacking Trip Report Part 1: Side Trips

    ice caves alaska

    Last month, 5 girlfriends and I went on a backpacking trip in Alaska. It was life changing, and there are memories from there that I’ll treasure forever. It’s the second in our series of girls backpacking/adventure trips that we plan on doing yearly. The first was our canoe trip to Maine. It was every good thing in one place: awe inspiring landscape, a feeling of disconnect from the outside world, but close friendships and connections, and physical challenges that make you feel strong and powerful. The group was a collection of a few of my favorite women: my childhood friend Mardi, her friend Jen from Vermont, a friend from college Devon, and two friends from San Francisco (although one moved to Portland recently), Liz and Diana. I started putting together a full post about Alaska but realized it was far too much content. Today I’ll just be sharing about our side trips to the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, and Glacier Bay. The backpacking section of the trip will be coming shortly, later this week…


  • Back to School Interviews


    With back to school around the corner, I thought we’d round up the kids and conduct some back to school interviews in partnership with Gymboree’s Back to School line of clothing for the whole family. Here’s what Henry, Edie, and Dot have to say about the new school year coming up…


  • 9 Healthy Summer Habits


    Do you find it easier or harder to keep you and your family healthy in the summer months? Sometimes it’s harder to avoid all the frozen treats and to get out for a run in the heat, but there are so many other things that make summer a great time to start healthier habits. I’ve partnered with Blue Shield of California to share nine healthy habits we’ve focused on this summer…



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