• Look for Less

    By Ashley Aikele

    nov 25 2015-01

    Can you believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow? I’m sure you all have your menu planned at this point, but what are you wearing? I love the idea of wearing winter whites with a sweater and loafers… clean and classic! Happy Thanksgiving!

    The Look: J.Crew
    For Less: sweater / scarf / shirt / pants / loafers

  • Three Fall Outfits

    With all the fall fashion inspiration we’ve been posting, I thought it would be fun for our team to try some of the current trends ourselves. Sarah, Ashley, and I took a field trip to Napa Premium Outlets with a budget of $250 each, and came back with three different complete looks based around a specific trend we were interested in. Here’s what we came up with…


  • Look for Less

    By fashion editor Ashley

    oct 27 2015-01

    I love the idea of picking one color and wearing different shades of that color, like they did here with the hat, scarf, pants and shoes. It creates a polished look that has lots of interest. It doesn’t hurt that they chose grey either, one of my favorites!

    The Look: J.Crew
    For Less: hat / shirt / scarf / pants / shoes

  • Care Package for a New College Student

    olly ultimate immunity

    When I was in college my mother would put together these thoughtful packages every season. In the fall she’d send pumpkin scented candles, a scarf, and jack-o-lantern mugs filled with candy corn. In the spring she’d send pastel colored socks, new sunglasses, and a bag of mini candbury eggs. One spring, she included a set of pastel clip-on hair extensions. My old roommates and I still get a laugh out of that, my mom has always had a great sense of humor. I loved getting the packages each season, it was such a sweet surprise from home when my head was so distracted with studies and the college social scene.

    We probably all have someone we know and love that is headed to college: whether a sister or nephew, or maybe an older son or a favorite babysitter our kids have loved this summer. I thought it would be fun to put together some ideas for a college care package in partnership with Olly and their Ultimate Immunity wellness boost, a delicious tangerine-flavored gummy packed with zinc, vitamin C and beta glucans for immune system support. Keep reading for some favorite things we would include in a college care package and a fun little DIY to personalize it as well…


  • My Sister My Sidekick: Sabrina and Eunice

    sabrina and euince-01
    We have another in our series on sisters today, My Sister My Sidekick and I’m excited about this one! Sabrina and Eunice Moyle are more than just sisters, they’re business partners of the stunning letterpress card and stationary company, Hello! Lucky. Daughters of a Foreign Service Officer these sisters were born in Maryland and grew up all over- in Libya, Burma, Malaysia, Taiwan, and China (and traveled the rest of the world in-between) and have found themselves influenced by Asian culture in their work. Also, having a smart, crafty mother, they’ve been practicing they’re creativity and business skills since they were little, like making their own version of a Barbie Dream House their mom wouldn’t buy! Sabrina and Eunice independently found themselves in the Bay Area back in 2000 and when Eunice developed a minor obsession with letterpress Sabrina decided to help her turn it into a business. Now knee deep and 12 years into their company they are closer than ever.
    A little introduction:
    sabrina and euince-03
    Sabrina runs the left brain side of the operations. She wrangles numbers, generates concepts and is a master with words. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Art History degree from Swarthmore College and an M.B.A. from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Sabrina is the younger of the two and has twin boys Alex and James who are 5 and William who is 2.
    sabrina and euince-02
    Eunice (whose also a good friend of Liz) runs the right brain side of the company. That means she spends her time designing, illustrating, and creating. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Pacific Northwest College of Art and an Associate in Arts degree from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. Eunice has a son, Jude, who is 5 and a daughter, Imogen who is 1 1/2.
    Keep reading to hear about what they fought about growing up and who the karaoke queen is…
    Produced and written by Ashley Aikele. Photography by Ashley Batz.


  • What to wear on the Fourth of July

    By fashion editor Ashley

    what to wear on the 4th of july

    I don’t know about you but we spend our Fourth of July’s outside, all day, in the hot hot sun. I’ve made a round up of what you can wear to help you stay cool and stylish at the same time. Here is the best way to beat the heat on the fourth!

    Dress: Forgo the shorts and wear a skirt or dress. You’ll stay cooler and more comfortable for the long haul.

    Hat: Wear a straw hat that breaths and will give you some shade from the relentless sunshine.

    Tote: Since you’ll most likely be out and about all day, bring a big tote that you can keep extra water, sunscreen, snacks etc in.

    Sandals: Wear a comfortable sandal so that your feet can breath and stay happy. Bonus points if you can slip your shoes off and on easily.

    Scarf: Pack a scarf or light jacket for when the sun goes down. Or to drape over your knees after they’ve been in the sun a few hours.

    Sunglasses: Trade your old pair of glasses for something new and trendy. This can be an easy (and cheap) way to update your fourth of July look and keep the sun out of your eyes.

  • My sister My sidekick: Jan and Beth

    jan and beth2-01

    We are heading up north to Canada for our next set of sisters! Jan and Beth are inspirational women and leaders in both of their professions. Their relationship is as thick as it’s ever been as they live only five minutes apart and spend their days working on their businesses and raising kids (and playing hockey in their free time). Keep reading to hear more about these incredible sisters and the clothes they ‘borrow’ and hid from each other… 

    Photography by Emily Doukogiannis. Produced by Ashley Aikele. Extra thanks to the photographer Emily for leading us to these fantastic sisters! (more…)

  • A tip for easy packing

    By fashion editor Ashley
    what to pack to scandinavia

    My husband and I are leaving on a trip this weekend to Scandinavia, specifically Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. I’m so excited but of course the overwhelming question I’ve had over the last few months is… WHAT WILL I PACK?! I’ve come up with a simple tip to making packing easier as well as a round up of things I’m taking. I would also love any last minute advice on things we must do and see there if you have any! Thanks!

    keep reading for my simple trick and links to the roundup above… (more…)

  • How to wear it: Fringe

    By fashion editor Ashley


    A few weeks ago I did a post on the 12 essentials for spring and one thing that made the list was fringe! But how do you actually incorporate fringe into your wardrobe? Here are four ways to wear fringe…


  • Sister Style: Part 2


    Last week I shared some photos from a shopping trip my three sisters and I had with Maurices. We had so much fun pulling together outfits and all four of us squeezing into one dressing room. Do you share dressing rooms with your sisters and best girlfriends too? Today we’re sharing some final outfits for Sister Style, more about these lovely sisters of mine, and some tidbits about what we’re all up to this week (3/4 of us are traveling!).



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