• A tip for easy packing

    By fashion editor Ashley
    what to pack to scandinavia

    My husband and I are leaving on a trip this weekend to Scandinavia, specifically Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. I’m so excited but of course the overwhelming question I’ve had over the last few months is… WHAT WILL I PACK?! I’ve come up with a simple tip to making packing easier as well as a round up of things I’m taking. I would also love any last minute advice on things we must do and see there if you have any! Thanks!

    keep reading for my simple trick and links to the roundup above… (more…)

  • How to wear it: Fringe

    By fashion editor Ashley


    A few weeks ago I did a post on the 12 essentials for spring and one thing that made the list was fringe! But how do you actually incorporate fringe into your wardrobe? Here are four ways to wear fringe…


  • Sister Style: Part 2


    Last week I shared some photos from a shopping trip my three sisters and I had with Maurices. We had so much fun pulling together outfits and all four of us squeezing into one dressing room. Do you share dressing rooms with your sisters and best girlfriends too? Today we’re sharing some final outfits for Sister Style, more about these lovely sisters of mine, and some tidbits about what we’re all up to this week (3/4 of us are traveling!).



  • Sister Style: Part 1


    Remember our old Sister Style series? It was a fashion series featuring my three sisters Celeste, Becca, and Katrina and I and one of my favorite series but it got so tricky to all get together and take photos. I’m excited that with the help of Maurices we’re bringing it back! In this first post we’ll share some photos from our shopping trip to Maurices and putting outfits together back at Katrina’s home. The second post next week we’ll be sharing our final outfits and take a little outing together. Keep reading to see more shots from our afternoon…


  • 10 Tips for Postpartum and Nursing Friendly Outfits

    postpartum fashion tips

    Now that Edie’s 15 months old and no longer nursing, we are officially done with postpartum and nursing fashion. I wrote about a favorite postpartum outfit before, but thought I’d go more in-depth into some tips I’ve learned over the past 15 months of postpartum and nursing friendly clothing ideas.

    I’m partnering with Lou & Grey today to share 10 tips that I wish I had known the first time around about dressing that post-baby bod and nursing friendly clothing…


  • 15 Wardrobe Essentials for Winter

    By fashion editor Ashley

    winter essentials-2 15-01

    I’ve touched on different trends for this winter but I hadn’t yet done a round up of my favorite pieces for winter. Here are my top 15 essentials for winter. What’s on your winter essentials list? Anything big I’m missing?

    winter essentials-2 15-02

    1. long overcoat / 2. distressed jeans / 3. wool scarf / 4. elastic ankle boots /  5. maxi sweater dress or t-shirt dress / 6. leather tote / 7. shearling jacket / 8. wide cute sweater / 9. graphic sweatshirt / 10. flannel button up / 11. marled cardigan / 12. shirt dress / 13. neutral everyday athletic shoe / 14. leather leggings or leather paneled leggings / 15. oversized comfy black sweater

  • A Winter Care Package for A New (Snowed In) Mom

    winter gifts for a new mom

    I know lots of expecting mothers right now so gifts for a new mom are on my mind. And not baby gifts for a new mom (they get piles of those), but actual gifts for the new mom herself. Crazy, I know. This time of year while much of the country is in chilly temperatures, I partnered with Skinfix at Target to put together some ideas on making a winter care package for a new mom who might be snowed in with that sweet newborn. Henry was born at the beginning of winter in snowy Salt Lake City, so I really began to appreciate the slow, cozy winter months much more with a sweet smelling newborn to cuddle with.

    Here are 9 favorite things to give to a new (snowed in) mom…

    Trusted for generations, Skinfix’s award-winning products ensure head to toe happy and moisturized skin. Available exclusively at Target.


  • Secrets of Stylish Say Yes Moms: Sarah


    SHIRT (similar) | JACKET (thrifted) | NECKLACE (thrifted) | JEANS | BOOTS (similar)

    In the last of our mini series featuring Stylish Say Yes moms, we have our intern, Sarah! I’ve known Sarah for a while and have always been impressed with how put together she looks. Our kids go to the same school and for morning drop off while I’m often in pjs bottoms hiding my dirty hair under a baseball hat, Sarah always looks cool and put together. She has a sense of style that I really admire. It’s comfortable, confident, and casual but doesn’t scream soccer mom. It’s just-cool. I’ve been excited to pick her brain and find out her secrets….Sarah-16

    Photos by Bay Area Photographer Kirsten Wiemer


  • Secrets of Stylish Say Yes Moms: Ashley


    We have another Secrets of Stylish Say Yes moms today! As a twist on the usual Secrets of Stylish Moms, I thought it would be fun to feature Sara, Ashley, and Sarah who work with me here since they are always such inspiring and fashionable mamas.  This week we’re featuring Ashley. Ashley has been with me for almost 3 years. She works on all the fashion posts and fab finds posts that you all know and love every week. It’s always so easy to work with Ashley because she and I are drawn to very similar stuff and it often feels like she’s literally reads my mind! Ashley also does a lot of graphic design for the site as well and lots of other invaluable coordinating and managing behind the scenes so things run smoothly here. Also she just became a mother a year ago to Hazel, whose the sweetest thing. You’ll see her below…

    JACKET (similar) | SCARF (similar) | TOP (similar) | SHIRT (similar) | PANTS (similar) | BOOTS

    photos by Bay Area Photographer Kirsten Wiemer


  • Secrets of Stylish Say Yes Moms: Sara


    Now that the holidays are over I’m excited to pick back up on our Secrets of  Stylish Moms series! Over the next three weeks I will featuring some members of the Say Yes team as our stylish moms. I did some intros a couple months ago here, and shared our workspace tour here if you’d like to get caught up a bit.  I feel lucky to work with such creative, smart, and fun people which makes working that much more enjoyable.

    Today we’re starting with Sara. Sara and her twin sister have a lovely blog called Alice and Lois. She’s been my assistant for almost a year now and I don’t know what I would do without her. She’s an expert crafter, has a great business sense, and is more of a perfectionist that I am which I need since I tend to try and rush through stuff. She’s kind and funny and calls me out when I need it. She’s become a dear friend and is also the mother to the most darling 7 year old you will ever meet, Harper, that you might remember her from this post with GAP. A couple other fun facts about Sara: Before Say Yes, Sara with GAP corporate for 16 years here in San Francisco so she’s been around fashion a long, long time and she’s turning 40 in a couple weeks but you’d never guess it. Are you excited to find out her style secrets? Sara-2

    The Look:

    JACKET (similar) | DRESS (similar) | RING | NECKLACE (handmade. Tutorial found here) | BOOTS

    Keep reading to hear more about Sara’s style and tips…

    Photography by Bay Area Photographer, Kirsten Wiemer.


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