• 10 Fab finds under $40

    by fashion editor Ashley

    10 FAB FINDS aug

    Don’t let all the kids have all the fun with the back to school shopping. Here are ten fab finds under $40! Happy shopping!

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  • What to Wear for the 4th of July: Splurge and Save

    by fashion editor Ashley

    4th of july splurge

    The fourth of July is usually the hottest holiday of the year…. and for that reason, I  like to wear a skirt or dress for the fourth. It’s all about that extra ventilation, am I right? Don’t for get your hat and shades to block the sun, and your bag to carry all your gear. Lots of areas cool off at night which is why it’s important to have a jacket and or scarf handy too. With all the blue and white stripes flying around in fashion it is pretty easy to dress patriotic and show some pride! I also love the idea of adding in red with some fun sandals. Happy fourth!

    4th of july save

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  • What to wear to a picnic: Splurge and Save

    by fashion editor Ashley

    picnic splurge

    Whether it be in your own back yard or in the French countryside, there is something to be said for moving your meal outside and going on a picnic. It must be the fresh air and scenery that makes picnics so attractive. You already know how to make a perfect picnic sandwich, veggie dips, and watermelon treat but what will you wear? Here are two outfits (one splurge, and one save) that would be perfect for an afternoon picnic… all with an emphases on comfort.

    picnic save

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  • Spring Essentials Part 1

    By fashion editor Ashley


    Did you see Liz’s post on Monday about 12 essentials for your wardrobe? Here is a little round up of essentials for spring! These can easily be mixed and matched with your wardrobe stables to create some stellar outfits. For spring, black and white is where its at, along with tea length skirts, structured jackets, detailed sandals, camo, floral, and lipstick with a pop!

    scarf | dress | jacket | top | sandals | lipstick | pants | tee | skirt

  • Trend Crush: Spring Pastels

    By fashion editor Ashley



    This spring pastels are in! That means lavender, mint, peach, light blue, butter yellow… etc etc. They are fun to pair together or put with your favorite neutral staples…for example, this ice blue jacket goes great over a gray sweater and jeans (photo above). What do you think about pastels for this spring? Which pastel is your favorite?


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  • 10 Fab Finds Under $40


    Many of you on instagram said how much you missed this series so we’re bringing it back permanently every week! I have a hard time not buying at least one item I find from these roundups so let’s hope my bank account can handle it. Also loads of great stuff at the J.Crew sale, an additional 40% off. Madewell is also offering an additional 40% off their sale too. Happy shopping, friends.

    1. Black moto jegging jean $39.99 (love these and every size still available!)
    2. Vintage cap sleeve tee $15 (with current 40% discount)
    3. Chelsea boot $26.80 (not real leather, but cute!)
    4. Zigzag stripe scarf $30 (with current 40% discount)
    5. Crepe baseball blouse $36 (with current 40% discount)
    6. Shawl cardigan $39.99
    7. Midi tie dye dress $32.41
    8. Striped dress $32 (a Madewell look alike!)
    9. Tribal print trench coat 36.50
    10. Skinny jeans $20 (great wash, fantastic price!)

  • Peppermint Sugar Scrub

    This maternity leave guest post is by Audrey of This Little Street.

    peppermint sugar scrub
    Oh Edie Jean – you’re such a cutie!  I hope you’re being nice to your mama. Today I am to glad to be here to help get Liz the rest that she needs and deserve. I thought that for the occasion I’d share a little DIY for the easiest of holiday gifts – peppermint sugar scrub in oh-so-cute little milk bottles.
    diy peppermint scrub
    Crafting gifts for the holidays is one of my favorite thing to do. While I don’t really get around to doing super advanced and complicated projects (let’s be real, who has time to knit 10 scarfs?!), I like to come up with simple gifts that will still make the receiver feel special. These little bottles filled with peppermint sugar scrub are definitely that. They are so easy to make – if you have children at home they can definitely help or even make them themselves if they are big enough.
    diy striped bottles
    I have my two little girls at home, and we actually made these together to give to their pre-school teachers as a little holiday gift. We mixed the sugar scrub together, it only took a few minutes and the girls ooooooh-ed and aaahhhhh-ed at the lovely smell of peppermint!
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  • The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie in San Francisco

    oldnavyNov1We’re continuing our theme of finding the ‘best of’ in San Francisco. Last month we researched to find the best sandwich, the month before was the best chocolate ice cream, and today we’re showing the very scientific results from our search for the best chocolate chip cookie! Of course what to wear while on the hunt, featuring Old Navy’s cardigans.

    oldnavyNov14Our top contenders: Tartine, Craftsman and Wolves, Arizmendi, Goody Goodie, Specialty, Anthony’s, and Knead Patisserie

    oldnavyNov2Featuring items from Old Navy: City tee (in stores), Floral scarf (in stores), Boyfriend cardigan

    Also, QP Collections handmade leather wallet (isn’t it gorgeous?), Sole Society Cambria flats, thrifted black and white skirt, Madewell red and black flannel shirt, thrifted Goldsign jeans we distressed here

    Keep reading to hear more about the 7 finalists and more pictures of the outfits…

    Photography and styling by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Isabelle Ambler. Modeling by Lauren Bennett

    This post was sponsored by Old Navy. Check out Old Navy’s latest fashion lineup in store or online at oldnavy.com.



  • Trend Crush: Halloween

    By fashion editor Ashley

    halloween trend crush

    1. Cat Sweater (I don’t even like cats but this sweater is adorable!) 2. Bat Skirt 3. Skull Scarf 4. Skull Earrings 5. Bat Pumps 6. Owl Print Sweater

    I’m not a fan of the “horror” part of Halloween…. you can leave me out of that! But I do love the dressing up part of Halloween. It’s a great excuse to step out from yourself and play a completely different character! But, not everyone loves to dress up or has the opportunity to dress up, so this post is for all you out there that WON’T be dressing up this Halloween. A quick round up of cats, bats, owls and skulls to keep with the Halloween spirit…. in a fashionable way of course. Will you be dressing up for Halloween? Or is wearing black and orange as far as you go?

  • The Best Sandwich in San Francisco

    oldnavyoctober1We’re continuing our local research for ‘best of’ in San Francisco with a search for the tastiest sandwich in the city (last month it was the best chocolate ice cream). And of course, what to wear while you’re doing the research, featuring Old Navy sweaters this month.

    oldnavyoctober5Growing up in New York, nothing beat the Boars Head turkey sandwich at our local deli for lunch, and everywhere I’ve lived since I’ve been on the hunt for the best sandwich (in Salt Lake my favorites were the classic pulled turkey from Kneaders and the tasty turkey from Einsteins). San Francisco with its foodie culture has its own fair share of amazing eateries so I was excited to make my casual hunt for the best sandwich a more serious undertaking.

    After doing a lot of research we came up with 7 finalists, and then narrowed that down to 4, and then pulled our hair out trying to pick a favorite (we might need your help in the final verdict!)

    oldnavyoctober2Featuring items from Old Navy: Brown crew sweater, Rockstar coated jeans, Crewneck sweatshirt sweater, Polka dot scarf, Zip tote, Animal print flats.

    Also, Military Jacket from Urban Outfitters, Navy wrap around dress a few seasons old from Banana Republic, Plaid dress shirt a few seasons old from J.Crew, combat boots are from a consignment store (but lots of the on etsy here), and wool Indie hat from Ambiance boutique.

    Keep reading to see the 7 sandwich finalists, and more pictures…

    Photography and styling by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Isabelle Ambler. Modeling by Lauren Bennett

    -1This post was sponsored by Old Navy. Check out Old Navy’s latest fashion lineup in store or online at oldnavy.com.




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