• Weekend Roundup


    How was your Halloween? I had grand plans of making chili, cornbread, and pumpkin cookies but in the end frozen pizza made an appearance. Having a cold while being super pregnant is not a fun combination. I did manage to make it out trick or treating with the cousins on a cute little street in the mission district. It was perfect, my only complaint was there were definitely not enough twix bars or milk duds in Henry’s stash when we got home. Henry loved his ‘zombie vampire’ costume although and he’s already talking about Christmas coming up in a couple months. I love this time of year! Hope you’re up to something fun this weekend, here are some links to explore:

    A pumpkin s’more donut muffin. WHAT.

    I love everything about this wedding day

    Cute DIY mountain stamped wrapping paper

    Extra 40% off sale styles at Madewell. Just ordered this silk pleated shirtdress for after baby

    What are you doing with all that Halloween candy?

    Great news. QP Collections, my favorite place for handmade ties, is having a sale, $56 on all their 2013 ties (yeah for holiday shopping done early)

    Apple cider float!

    Love this pretty DIY mini cone party decor

    Comfy and chic looking zipper leggings

    This seems like a fun creative activity to do with kids

    Also, just a note: my due date is less than a week away. I have a full month and a half of fantastic content planned with posts of mine, writers, and guest bloggers so I won’t be deserting you but I am taking a step back and letting my blog manager and assistant run things for a bit so I can spend time with our new baby when she comes. I’ll try to still respond to emails and questions but things might be slow going for a bit, I hope you understand! Of course I’ll update you with exciting news and new baby updates here and there, thanks everyone! xoxo, Liz

  • Happy Halloween!

    halloween ballons


    We’ve got chili, cornbread, and pumpkin cookies on the menu for tonight and a little trick or treating of course. I’m leaving in a bit to see Henry perform in an Alphabet Halloween play in his K class (he’s the letter X), and then a potluck, parade, and Halloween dance party afterwards. Cute! Can’t wait. After a church party this weekend, I’ve decided Henry’s ‘zombie vampire’ costume is a little too scary for a 5 yr old although he looooves it of course so I need to figure out a way to tone it down, it’s making me miss the days of cute costumes. Remember when he was a surprised owl, bat, and ghost?

    Also, here are a few cute last minute ideas to make the day a little more spooky: bat and ghost garland, trick or treat tote printable, zombie pumpkins, fang napkin holders.

    Hope you have a fun day planned!

  • Rowley Eyewear

    Rowley_Summer13_ 4Introducing a brand new Say Yes to Hoboken sponsor today, Rowley Eyewear. I was introduced to them recently and love the styles and selection they have for glasses, both optical and sunglasses, for both women and men. Cynthia Rowley is the first New York Fashion Week designer to design eyewear so the styles are very on trend. They’re sophisticated and chic, but also fun and stylish. A perfect combination in my opinion. I love that their vision enables you to change up your optical style even on a budget. They offer 50% off your second, third, even fourth, as many frames as you want, throughout the year so you don’t feel stuck with one pair. Perfect! So you don’t have to commit to just one pair.


    {No. 88 (image), No. 62, No. 87, No. 39, No. 24} are a few optical favorites

    Keep reading to see some favorites for Rowley sunglasses and find out which pair I picked…

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  • Weekend Road Trip: Apple Picking up in Napa

    applepickign1 As I mentioned before, we spent this last week test driving the new BMW 5-series Diesel. We’ve had fun cruising around in the fancy speedy car all week so when the weekend came we took advantage of the beautiful fall weather and headed up north for a quintessential fall activity: apple picking!


    applepicking3It was the perfect Saturday afternoon trip. I’ve been feeling couped up lately in my final weeks of pregnancy at home and have also been missing my yearly fall pilgrimage trip to NY, so a little piece of a New England fall tradition was exactly what I needed. The trees were stocked and lots of low lying fruit so Henry was able to do most of the apple picking work himself (bonus for me at 36 weeks pregnant!)


    Photos by Liz Stanley
    BMW Logo Updated
    This post is brought to you by BMW Advanced Diesel. Clean. Powerful. Efficient.

    BMW wants to hear your feedback on the Diesel model. Please help out by taking this quick survey

    Keep reading to hear more about our apple picking trip and about our week in the BMW Diesel!


  • Mint Green Favorites

    motorola-mint-01If you had to describe yourself as a color, what would it be? This was a interesting question that was poised to me by Motorola and it made me think for a minute or two. They asked me to pick a color combination for their phone that reflected my personality and the color I came up with was mint green.

    Keep reading to see how I came up with that color and links for these favorite mint green items above…

    motorola logoBrought to you by Motorola Moto X: Thousands of combinations. Design yours.


  • BMW Test Drive

    I’m part of a BMW campaign and so we’re giving our own car a rest and test driving the all new 5 series diesel all week long. Diesel, as in, yes- it takes diesel fuel. I just downloaded a free app to help me locate diesel stations and apparently it’s pretty much every station we use anyway (easy!). Plus, Henry was very excited about ‘the new race car’ when we cruised around in it after school yesterday.

    bmw2Frank at the dealership showed me all the ins and outs including keyless entry, bluetooth audio, and other fancy schmanciness that I’ve never had before in car. The diesel part makes it not only super fuel efficient (38 mpg) but really low emissions too.

    It’s perfect weather here right now so we’ll have lots of opportunities to drive this fancy thing around. Stay tuned to for our report next week!
    BMW Logo Updated
    This post is brought to you by BMW Advanced Diesel. Clean. Powerful. Efficient.



  • Say Yes Survey

    Hi wonderful readers! I’m doing some exciting work behind the scenes and would love to get some more information about you and the content you like and don’t like here on Say Yes. I have a quick survey here if you don’t mind filling it out, I’d really appreciate it! You can enter answers right here in the post (scroll bar is to the right), or you can click on this link to access the survey. It’s anonymous, will take less than 3 minutes (promise!), and I’d love you forever!

    Thank you soooo much!

    xoxo, Liz

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  • Alt for Everyone


    Altitude Summit, my very favorite conference for professional bloggers in the design/style/lifestyle genre, is having another all online conference, Alt for Everyone, in two weeks! It’s September 26-28 (thurs/fri/sat) and packed full of speakers and classes that you can pick and choose from based on your schedule and interests.  I’m teaching a class about being an organized blogger, you can check out the full schedule here. An easy, less expensive online alternative to the main Salt Lake conference in January that’s already sold out. You can purchase a ticket for $135 which includes 7 online classes of your choice, an online keynote, a virtual meetup, and a box of goodies delivered to your door.

    Or if you’re feeling lucky,  I’m giving away TWO tickets to Alt for Everyone here on the blog! Two of you will win a ticket to access all this fantastic info, the best of Alt Summit but without the endless outfit changes or travel/hotel costs.

    To win: Simply pin an item from your favorite fall themed post on Say Yes (that link will take you to the posts in that category. You have until this Friday night 9/20 12am PST to enter and the winners will be announced Monday. One entry per pin.

    Good luck!

  • Weekend Roundup

    kauaiI still feel like I’m on a high from our trip to Kauai last week. In less than two months we’ll have a newborn and things will change dramatically of course for our little family. I wanted to take one last trip as a family of three, and this one was perfect for that. We stuck around pretty close to our hotel at the very western edge of the North Shore and rarely drove more than 15-20 minutes to go anywhere  (a true vacation and not sightseeing!), we had lots of beach time but lots of active outings too like hiking and kayaking, and I felt like we were able to do just about everything we wanted by the time we left.

    It was a good reminder too of how easy it’s been the last couple years with Henry. Despite our struggles conceiving a second, I think we’ll always look back on this time with one child, though it hasn’t been by choice, and think, ‘boy, we had it easy‘. I’ve always kind of known that but the sting of infertility has blinded me from really appreciating it. He’s almost 6, and life is a lot whole more pleasant recently with a boy and not a toddler (I love Sharon’s post about the magic years here and it’s so true!). This trip helped me appreciate that so much more, inevitably I was more of the weak link than he was! He could do just about every activity that we wanted to do so we didn’t have to do too much ‘kid’ stuff. I didn’t even have to swim in the pool with him if I didn’t want to, I could watch him from a chair where I could still cheer on his cannonballs jumps. A couple more years and I might not even have to make his lunch or walk him to school! I’ll be sharing a few of our trip highlights next week (although you can peek at a bunch of pictures on instagram like this shot above at Secret Beach).

    Here are some links to explore, have a great weekend:

    I think I found the rocker I want to get (so hard to find a cute + stylish one)

    Oh Joy’s new studio is just stunning!

    I’m dying over this cute backpack from etsy

    Love this DIY chore chart

    What other stylemakers are also saying about the birkenstocks trend

    The coolest bookshelf around

    Banana pumpkin breakfast smoothie for fall

    You have to read Design Mom’s post about Oakland public schools, such a great discussion

    For all french macaron lovers out there, a delicious + fun looking book

    30% off rugs at West Elm (considering getting this one)

    Does facebook make you sad?

    Making a DIY honeycomb stamp


    16 of the Best Fall Crafts for your Home

    10 Awesome Pom Pom DIYs

    10 Cute DIYS for a Modern Nursery

    10 Best Fall Kids Crafts

    A few favorite picks from Ferm Living and  West Elm (that new rocking chair!)

  • Weekend Roundup

    8676231018_5f1da6905d_oHappy Friday! This week was Henry’s first week of kindergarten. I held my breath all day on Monday and then almost burst into tears when he told me what a good day he had and that he already made  ‘5 friends’ (although he still can’t name any names yet, hehe). It’s so bittersweet but now, NOW, I realize how awesome this full day kindergarten thing is, for everyone! He absolutely  loves it and I finally feel like I can work and also have a little time for myself, or to meet a friend for lunch. Hooray for free childcare, I mean, public schools! Up to anything fun this weekend? We’re headed down to the Monteray Bay Aquarium and celebrating some cousin b-days in the treehouse.

    Here are some links to explore:

    I love Michelle Armas’ work, and this interview with her (image above from)  -Anthropologie now carries her stuff too!

    Secrets to dutch oven cooking (I love this whole series on Gabby’s blog)

    Really cute dress for transitioning to fall (and only $37)

    The cutest striped baskets I want for the nursery/craft room (more on how that combo will work later!)- these I also love!

    Was given the prettiest hand dyed blanket at my baby shower a couple weeks ago (thank you, Jordan!)

    Sweetest knitted jacket (with ears!)

    These muslin onesies look perfect

    (can you tell I’m in full baby mode now?)

    The kimono trend (and a DIY)

    DIY Botanical poster (so pretty)


    8 fun kid bedding options

    10 perfect desks for your home office

    9 DIY baby blankets

    Interiors color crush: navy!

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