• Say Yes! (it’s not you it’s me, Hoboken)


    Well, hello! You’ll notice the site has gotten a little facelift late last night, and the url is redirecting to sayyes.com! My sister Becca drew the watercolor logo, isn’t it pretty? A few other changes are in the works as well. I’m so excited about it. I love a little fresh design!

    So you’ll notice the Hoboken bit is gone. When I started this blog I was a newlywed living in Hoboken, NJ. My favorite album was called “Say Yes to Michigan’ by Sufjan Stevens, my first sewing project were mismatched pillows, and in my downtime as a school counselor I talked about travel and shopping and our life on this blog. I didn’t put much thought into the name, Say Yes to Hoboken, as I had no idea what would become of this little space on the internet.  Things grew and changed and the name kind of stuck around. It was quirky and hard to forget, but the last couple years I’ve had this nagging feeling we should break up.  We finally decided to take a big step and drop the Hoboken  (it’s not you it’s me) by purchasing www.sayyes.com and re-branding the site as Say Yes. Hoboken, you are my first love and I’ll always have a soft spot for you but I’m glad I’ve moved on cause you were kind of cramping my style.

    And so here we are,  I’m feeling really good and excited about the breakup. The url is now sayyes.com but if you visit sayyestohoboken.com, don’t worry it will just redirect to sayyes. You’ll also notice that all my social media handles are now @sayyesblog on twitter, facebook, instagram and pinterest. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! If you were following me before, no need to re-follow. But keep these handles in mind for tagging purposes.

    Content here won’t change much:  simple seasonal crafts, budget friendly fashion, delicious recipes, with a focus on family and practicality. I’ve always been one to dabble and embrace a variety of new hobbies (like rock climbing, sewing, or trendy leather pants) and this blog will continue to be a reflection of Saying Yes to that lifestyle.

    Thank you all for being so supportive of this blog, its growth and development. I hope you’ll join me in welcoming this exciting change to Say Yes!


  • Happy New Year!

    2013We are packing up for a quick trip up to Point Reyes right now. When we stay home for Christmas, we like to do something so it feels special, whether it’s a trip up to Lake Tahoe, a staycation in our own city, or a few days exploring the coast. Before we head out and sign off on 2013 though, I wanted to acknowledge a few highlights of the year.  2013 might have been the best year I can remember in the recent past! We had fantastic growth here at Say Yes hiring two assistants, a blog manager, several new contributors, plus lots of great opportunities for collaboration and brand partnership. It’s been so much fun continuing to grow this business that started from a hobby when I was a school counselor living in Hoboken. Personally though, 2013 it was huge. We finally, after years of dealing with secondary infertility, got pregnant, enjoyed a healthy pregnancy and then welcomed a beautiful little girl, Edie Jean, to our family in November. I don’t remember a year that was filled with more happiness, love, relief, humility, and satisfaction than this past year. Thank you all so much for your support here: reading, sharing, and all the kind words on everything from craft projects to pregnancy milestones. It means so much to me. Posting will be a little slow the next few days as I get back into the swing of things, full time blogging with a newborn is tricky business. We have a nanny starting later this week though and I have lots of fun projects I’m excited to start working on again! It’s been a nice maternity leave break from blogging but I really have missed it and have missed you guys!  2014 is going to be a great year, I can feel it.  I wish you all a fantastic 2014 as well. Ring out wild bells! xoxo, Liz

  • Merry Christmas

    diy santa beard Have a wonderfully Merry Christmas! When looking through my archives I found this santa beard disguise DIY I thought was so cute we made last year. If we have time today I might try to make one again with Henry and his cousins. After some last minute shopping last night and a gift I’m helping Henry work on for Edie this morning, I think we’re set! I still get giddy every Christmas Eve. This is it, people! Have a merry one!

    xoxo, Liz

    PS Albion Fit contest winner announced!


  • Favorite Chapter Books to Read to Young Children

    chapter books for young children

    (Photos of Henry by Rachel Thurston from our family shoot )

    Two years ago when Henry was around 4 we started reading real books to him, not picture books but chapter books. I have such fond memories of reading classic childrens literature with my parents and wanted to have that same experience with Henry as well. It’s  so much more enjoyable to read with your child when you’re enjoying the book you’re reading, and we both look forward to it.

    013Jared and I are each reading him different books so we don’t miss something if the other parent puts them to bed. Jared’s currently finishing up Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and I’m reading him Comet in Moominland. I’m always surprised with how much he understands and how long he can sit without having pictures to look at (although an occasional picture is always fantastic).

    019I got recommendations from our local librarian, friends, family, and also my own memory of course. Here are a few favorite chapter books we’ve loved reading together with Henry. Would love your recommendations as well, they make great gifts!

    First of all: Anything by Roald Dahl

    Keep reading to see them…


  • Albion Fit $250 Giveaway-CLOSED

    Congrats to...Angie who said “Followed on Instagram. Love their stuff!! Super cute and affordable!“. Email me to claim your prize!

    albionfit11Hey guys! I have a great giveaway going on with Albion Fit today that is perfect timing for the New Year. I’m itching to get active again after having Edie and these clothes from Albion Fit might give me the motivation to actually do it!  The pieces they sent have quickly become my very favorite items to lounge around in and very soon I’ll be able to workout in. The quality is really amazing, you have to try them for yourself to see what I mean. And for such great quality I think the prices are very reasonable. Today, one lucky reader will get $250 to spend there too! My picks are the leggings (purple, black, and graphite leggings are my picks), but here are a few other favorites:

    albionfit1Baseball Tee
    Purple Leggings
    East Coast Hoodie
    Candy Apple Apres Leggings

    To enter: Check out Albion Fit, pin an item from their site or follow them on instagram, and then leave a comment on this post by Thursday night 10pm PST. Winner will be announced on Friday on my weekend roundup and on twitter (@yestohoboken). And if you’re anxious to get shopping, use this code for 30% off your order: HOLIDAY30 (valid through this week)

     Good luck guys!

  • DIY Clay Ornaments

    By craft contributor Caitlin

    diy clay ornament

    This year I’ve been really into minimal, natural looking holiday decor. And that isn’t always easy to find in the store – there are a lot of crazy ornaments out there, folks! After looking for a while, I accepted defeat and decided to make some of my own out of clay! And I just love them!

    diy clay ornaments

    Keep reading for instructions on making your own clay ornaments… (more…)

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    family1Hello! Happy Thanksgiving! Oh how I love this holiday. My sisters are in town with their kids/husbands/boyfriends etc, and so are my parents. They’ve rented a cute Victorian home just a couple miles or so away and we’ll be having Thanksgiving over there this afternoon. I’m working on a fancy cheese plate, a chocolate pie, and my aunt’s famous cheesecake.  This holiday is especially wonderful with a new member of our family. Edie Jean has been such a good baby so far (knock on wood!). She sleeps long stretches at night and when she cries there always seems to be a legitimate reason. This is the complete opposite of how Henry was as an infant! My mother still insists Henry was the worst baby she had ever known. HA! Also, the recovery has been so much better this time having had a vbac.  I’m feeling very grateful today for so many things. Holidays were always a difficult marker of time through the years we dealt with secondary infertility so this time around the holidays are finally feeling happy and magical to me once again. I hope you’ve having a wonderful Thanksgiving as well, friends.

    xoxo, Liz

    PS more pictures of Edie and our Thanksgiving adventures on Instagram

  • Welcome Edie Jean!

    day2Hooray Hooray she’s here! Elizabeth Jean Stanley. 8 lbs 5 oz, 21 inches long, strong and healthy as can be! Went into labor about midnight Friday night. She was born Saturday morning at 11:42am. I think I willed it into happening! It was Jared’s last day of work and I was ready to go with the long weekend ahead and nothing else on the agenda but birthing this baby girl. I’ll  share more details about the birth another time but wanted to give you a quick update!  I was really happy to have a vbac (that’s a vaginal birth after a c-section) and the recovery has been a dream, at least compared to Henry’s. Her full name is Elizabeth Jean Stanley, but we’ll call her Edie (eedee) Jean. She’s fifth generation Elizabeth after me, my mother, grandmother and my great great grandmother. Jared snapped this shot with his phone as we were getting ready to leave the hospital on Sunday afternoon. I love it. I’ve been sharing more pictures on instagram if  you’re curious you can follow me there. So happy, relieved, and excited to have her here safe and sound!

    xoxo, from our family of four: Liz, Jared, Henry, and Edie Jean

  • Holiday Gifts from Zazzle


    I can’t believe it’s already that time of year to start on holiday shopping. I love the idea of getting everything done before December so you could actually enjoy the holiday season and the advent calendar activities aren’t just chores. There are lots of options on Zazzle for holiday gifts and personalized items, like those thank you postcards for new baby gifts and return address stickers). We ordered some and they are such time savers. Great for personalized teacher holiday gifts too, like a personalized tote we got for Henry’s teacher. Here are a few favorites from Zazzle, happy holiday shopping!



    1. Chalkboard Thank You Postcards : perfect for a new mom who needs to send out lots of thank yous!
    2. Adler wood print iPad mini cover: love the wood print on this, so sleek
    3. Yellow mojo throw pillow: pretty punch of color for the couch
    4. Chalkboard address labels: such a time saver for holiday cards!
    5. Black and white polka dot sleeve for macbook : perfect for working at cafes and meetings around town
    6. Chez Rhonel art calendar: Henry loves looking at our weekly and monthly schedule on a wall calendar

    Graphics by Ashley Aikele

    Holidays are made for you at Zazzle. Find gifts they’ll love at Zazzle.zazzlelogo (1)


  • Left Half of the Sunroom: The Workspace

    sunroom5I mentioned last week that the sunroom, which used to be just my workspace, was now sharing space with the nursery. I thought I’d share pictures today of the left half of the sunroom: the workspace, and tomorrow you’ll get to see right half of the sunroom which is the baby’s nursery. It was a challenge to consolidate all of my craft and sewing supplies, photography equipment, styling pieces, and general workspace into half of a pretty small room but I’m happy with how it’s all come together. It’s been a long process figuring it all out and finding the right things to work in this space.

    Keep reading to see more pictures and details of the workspace…


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