• Happy Thanksgiving!


    Hope you have a wonderful day spent with family and friends and delicious eats. My sister Rebecca is flying in early this morning and then we’ll head to Jared’s sister, Gabrielle‘s to spent Thanksgiving with their family and Jordan’s. This weekend is my birthday so we’ll be heading up to Point Reyes, just overnight, for a little hiking, canoeing and a fancy dinner date with Jared. But first things first. Let’s go eat some turkey and pie! Above is one of the pies I made yesterday, a tart cherry. My favorite! Can’t wait to eat it this afternoon. Have a great Thanksgiving!

    xoxo, Liz and the Say Yes team

  • Kids Christmas Pajamas for under $40

    By fashion editor Ashley

    Growing up we always had the tradition of opening up Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve to wear to bed that night and on Christmas morning. I can’t wait to start this year with my daughter. Never to early to start looking for the perfect Christmas pajamas! Happy shopping!

    *Also! Something new and nifty, just click on the picture of the pajamas you want above and it will take you right to the page! You can also click through for the regular old reliable links! (more…)

  • 10 sweaters under $40

    10 FAB FINDS oct

    Sweater weather is officially upon us. Happy shopping!

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  • Weekend Roundup

    camping mountains

    We’re busy packing up today because tomorrow we’re headed to the Sierra mountains just east of Yosemite with some friends for a backpacking trip. We’ll take a boat across a lake and then backpack to a spot on the other side. It’s one of our favorite places and fingers crossed for good weather (it’s usually beautiful there this time of year).  I’ll be sure to post pictures so follow along on my instagram. Have a great one!

    (image above)

    Speaking of adventures, this tumblr

    Easy recipes for your leftovers (great ideas!)

    An awesome kickstarter about sweet family traditions

    The perfect wool fedora hat for fall

    Tips for staying informed (my trick: this entertaining vlogbrothers youtube channel or any illustrated 5 minute history review)

    So many things I love in this shop. Like these adorable nesting dolls for a baby gift

    Love the oversized car coat style this season

    The power of empathy (vs sympathy)

    One of my favorite casual dresses is on sale

    Fun kids project with old jeans

    Best. Home tour. Ever . Love Sharon!

    Hot fudge peanut butter pie. Ooooh boy oh boy oh boy.

    Also, 7 home improvement projects you can do in a weekend, 11 pretty home decor hacks using wood pallets

    Some favorites from last SeptemberDIY canvas iPad case, Homemade cinnamon sugar pretzelsDIY pressed rose petal tray

    Some deals going on: J.Crew is offering 30% off sale and 50% off select final sale (ends Sunday), Madewell is offering 30% off select fall items (ends today), GAP is 30% off your entire purchase (ends today).

    And! LOFT is offering 40% off everything (ends tomorrow). I’m obsessed with their Lou and Grey line. Love the neutral, sophisticated styles. Some favorites below. 40% off everything until tomorrow. Most of these styles are under $30!

    lou & grey

  • Baby Food Challenge


    At Edie’s 4 month old appointment, her doctor said we could try feeding her solids and it kind of caught me off guard — already? Wait, how does this work again? What foods? Sometimes I kind of forget how all this goes, but am too embarrassed to ask as she’s our second and I should know all this by now, right?

    Moving from breast milk to food is a big jump. You go from knowing exactly what your baby is eating to not really being sure all the time. It’s a little scary. I mean, now I eat hot dogs from NY carts without batting an eye… but babies! They’re so new and precious. There are hot dogs and boxed macaroni and cheese in her future for sure at some point. But for now, let’s stick to the good stuff for her first tastes.


    Edie has been interested in food seemingly since birth. Everything we sat at the table eating she’d watch with such intent. I was convinced that she would love food when it was offered. Well… 3 months later and it’s still very touch and go. Sometimes she’s into it (like lemons, who knew??) and other times she clamps her mouth shut in silent protest (‘if it ain’t breast milk, don’t bother’).


    Way back when I found out I was pregnant with Edie a friend told me that the biggest improvement in baby care since I was pregnant 6 years before were the invention of these baby food pouches. And I believe it! They are so easy to travel with, not messy at all, and for slightly older kids, they can even feed themselves (Edie likes to try that too already). So I was excited to finally try some Plum Organics pouches with Edie.


    But. I really wanted to try making my own baby food. I always kind of felt bad I never did it with Henry (like, never!). I’m not sure why. I guess I was intimidated by the process, or maybe I didn’t have a good blender (love this nutribullet our friends gave to us last year). The idea of making our own baby food seems so simple, it’s just pureed…anything! With my list in hand, Edie and I headed to our local Target to get some supplies. Here’s how it went…

    Photography by Liz Stanley

    This post is sponsored by TargetThe Made To Matter line has been handpicked by Target to bring you brands that make things better for your you, your family, and the place we all call home.


  • Happy Summer!


    Hi, just checking in! We are just finishing up a relaxing week on Fire Island. So charming and simple (i.e. perfect for kids). It’s been such a dream, I’m sad to leave with scenes like this one above. Such an amazing way to start the summer (which officially starts today, let’s all have popsicles!). I’ll be sharing many more details about our Fire Island trip soon. We’ll be flying to Salt Lake tomorrow, which will be a long day of traveling with the kids and then we’ll be there for a week or so before heading home. Excited for part 2 of our summer vacation in Utah. Hope you’re up to something fun! To see more of our Fire Island trip like the image above check out my instagram here (and Joanna’s and Kendra’s too). Have a great one!

    xoxo, Liz

  • A Barre Class


    Since having a baby, I’ve really been trying to get back into a good exercise routine following months of sitting on the couch and waddling around the house. Climbing has been fun, but since it requires a belay partner, it’s hard to schedule. I’ve been doing a boot camp in Golden Gate Park too, but I’ve always wanted to try a class of some kind. Remember that line from Legally Blonde (bear with me here): “Exercise gives endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people don’t shoot their husbands.” HA! But seriously, I do find that adding exercise into my daily routine makes me so much happier and more equipped at dealing with stress. And especially with the change and challenges of a new baby, I need that boost more than ever.

    I danced ballet when I was younger. I wasn’t particularly good – my older sister was the real star – but I loved the movements, expression and music. There was just something so incredibly fulfilling about it. When I was a sophomore in high school, I had to make the tough choice between continuing with ballet and playing lacrosse. I went with lacrosse and ended up playing through high school and into college. I even coached a high school team in college and after grad school. I don’t regret moving on, but I do miss ballet and that artistic expression sometimes.

    Recently, I heard about these new barre classes, and I’ve been curious to try them out. I thought they’d be a great combination of my experience with ballet and athletics, and a fun way to mix new experiences into my post-delivery exercise routine.

    barre class

    I had no idea really what to expect, but headed in with my DIY workout bag

    Photography by Sara Albers. Also, big thanks to Pure Barre in San Francisco for letting me take a class and giving me a little private session beforehand to learn some of the moves.

    this story is brought to you by vapor-distilled smartwater, who found unique inspiration for their water by looking up to the sky. we hope the change in perspective this piece offers will help inspire you.


  • Weekend Roundup


    Hi! Happy the weekend is here. It’s been a long week. Henry had eye muscle surgery on Monday for a lazy eye (exotrophia) he’s had since he was a baby. We tried other non-invasive methods to fix it but nothing has worked so surgery was the last option. I was a hot mess at the hospital, but he’s doing great and is totally pain free. His eyes are just super red and light sensitive so he hangs out in cool shades and we’ve spent the week reading Junie B. Jones, listening to books on tape, eating his favorite foods (Shanghai dumplings, pizza, popsicles) and building lego sets. He’s had friends bring over treats, toys and make him get well posters  So sweet. He’s been in such a good mood, he loves the attention (reminds me of another kid who had surgery). He’ll be back to school after the weekend (and we might take him to Santa Cruz tomorrow to the boardwalk but shhh it’s a surprise!).

    PS I love this photo above of Henry (and a bit of his lazy left eye) from up in Point Reyes earlier this year

    Also! Things are growing here and we’ve got some exciting projects in the works so I’ve hired on a new intern and I can’t wait to get things moving with her on the team alongside my project assistant Sara and blog manager Ashley. In the summer we’ll bringing in at least one other intern too.

    One more thing! Excited to be featured as a ‘fascinating mom’ (only joke’s on them, I’m pretty boring I think) in the the May issue 0f Pregnancy and Newborn. Check out the print version in the magazine, or here’s the digital. FYI Edie has already slobbered on my copy, I need to find an extra.

    Huge giggle giveaway winner announced on the post!

    Amazing flowers at this wedding

    Rainbow carrots to grow in your garden

    A great project with Every Mother Counts for Mothers Day

    Oh my goodness, did you see that Kinfolk now has a clothing line??

    The most beautiful maxi dress

    My blog manager Ashley directed my attention to this funny post I wrote years ago where I shared 100 things about me. Fun to read!

    Fun rock band posters

    How to make those amazing bookshelf crates in Gabby’s reading nook

    These NYC tips and etiquette crack me up (and make me a bit homesick)

    A DIY maypole!

    Can’t stop thinking about this spring sweater

    An adorable plaid dress for Edie on sale

    Non diary chocolate pudding (made with avocados!?!)

    I’m dying over this zebra jacket

  • Weekend Roundup


    Jared’s off in the Grand Tetons for his yearly back country ski tour with my dad and some friends. The first year they skied on the Haute Route through the Swiss Alps, and then The Tetons, Uintas, Sierras, and I think I’m missing one more. This year they’re back in the Tetons. My mom is coming out Monday to help me wrestle the kids for a few days while he’s gone. Henry has been counting down the days for her arrival (they have the sweetest connection), and I can’t wait to show my mom how cute and chubby Edie’s become since she was here  last.

    Something fun: I’m getting together with some other women to put together birthing kits with Every Mother Counts for women in sub-Saharan Africa who need basic child birthing supplies like soap, cloth diapers, blankets, sanitary pads, etc. Many women in Africa are expected to pay for basic supplies needed for a clean, safe delivery at an additional cost that can prevent them from seeking car they need. As a result the maternal death rate in these areas is 1 in 39 women (!!).

    I’m collecting and buying items for the kits myself so please consider making a small donation via paypal or venmo to lizstan(at)gmail(dot)com with a note: BIRTHING KITS. All of your donation will go towards items for the kits.

    It’s been gorgeous here. We’re heading off to Train Town in Sonoma with the cousins today and a picnic tomorrow afternoon in the park (follow along on instagram!). Hope you’re up to something fun, here are some links to explore:

    (Image above from the archives, Rainbow felt table runner project)

    Mini shamrock money cakes

    These DIY silly face stamps are so genius

    A s’mores milkshake!

    Love these black flats

    Teeny tiny DIY photo display

    4 ways to decorate on zero budget

    Pretty handmade wool bowls from The Yarn Kitchen 

    When I dip, you dip, we dip

    I’ve been wearing these sandals every day

    Already tried two recipes in this Kitchen Confidence book, love it!

    Loving all of Ban.do’s new arrivals


    4 pretty vases and tips for your spring flower arrangements

    7 Awesome Last Minute St Patricks Day Printables

    8 inspiring prints for your home

    5 must-try natural cleaning solutions for the home

  • Weekend Roundup

    deborah barlow artworkHi! It’s good to be home after an amazing but busy week in Utah for Alt Summit and a Cricut event. I was nervous about traveling with Edie but it ended up being great. She was easy on the plane and my sister Becca helped out at the conference. I posted lots of photos of the conference, outfits, and of course Edie right here on instagram if you’re interested. I’m excited to hang low this weekend, it’s sunny and gorgeous out so I’m planning on a hike and bike ride as well. Hope you’re up to something fun too! Here are some links to explore:

    I have to step down from managing Minted’s lifestyle site, Julep  because of the new baby and this full time blogging thing but they’re hiring a full time position to replace me and I can’t tell you enough amazing things about working with them. It’s very bittersweet to leave. If you’re a local blogger and are interested in an incredible job managing and leading a team of creatives to create content, check out the job description here (or you can email me with questions!)

    Lucky us! My aunt Deborah Barlow sent one of her gorgeous paintings for Edie Jean which now hangs in the nursery (image above).

    Some wonderful new-to-me sites and people I met at Alt Summit: Merricks Art, The Sweetest Escape, Lay baby Lay, A Storied Style, Willowday (from Sweeden!), Snowdrop and Co, Charming Details, Caitlin Connolly

    Family photos through 22 years in the same spot. I love this (and the mother’s eclectic style!) via Frock Files

    Oh my goodness Olivia has done it again with this no-sew Valentines Day bag tutorial

    Love this dress

    The prettiest gift I got from Alt

    DIY mini heart pinata

    A notebook rug!

    This video about what a conference call in real life is like made me laugh out loud. It’s hilarious.

    Pretty striped bedding

    And four hot date night dresses if Valentines Day means a night out: white lace, leather (so hot!), black shift dress, preppy + sweet red dress


    Olympic party invites to download

    Cute DIY kids calendar for 2014

    A coloring chore chart for kids


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