• A guide to getting the best haircut

    By beauty contributors Joanna and Molly of Irrelephant

    Need a haircut but don’t know how to translate your vision to your stylist? We have 10 tips that will give you the perfect haircut appointment! As hairdressers ourselves, with 15 years of combined experience, we’ve realize how important the communication is between stylist and client! If you and your stylist are not on the same page no matter what the haircut will not be on point. So here are a few things that we have found to help with that communication: (more…)

  • Simple Spring Braid

    By beauty contributors Joanna and Molly of Irrelephant

    simple spring braid

    With summer right around the corner, a braid is the perfect way to still have a style, but get that hair out of your face! But what happens when you have layers that stick out while you’re braiding? Or how do you get volume and your braid to stay and look less “little girlish”? Today we bring you a few tips to make your casual braid into one you can wear to work and into your night out- while keeping it from falling out!

    easy braid

    keep reading for instructions… (more…)

  • The topsy holiday do

    By guest contributors Molly and Joanna of Irrelephant.

    easy holiday hair

    Hello guys! This is Molly and Joanna of Irrelephant blog, bringing you the second installment of the holiday series. This little style is for those who need to transition from a good work hairstyle to a cute flirty party look, quickly. Because sometimes ain’t nobody have time for that fancy up do. Just add some red lipstick, your holiday dress and those pumps you’ve been dying to wear!

    holiday hair

    keep reading for the instructions… (more…)

  • Trend Crush: Plum Lips

    By fashion editor Ashley

    plum lipstick-01

    It seems that lip colors for this fall are either a bold plum or a light nude. I decided to focus on the plum for this weeks trend crush! I love the options of this color… you can go with either a purple or red, deep or light plum. I personally like a little more red to my plum, it goes better with my skin. Here is a round up of some of my favorite plum options out there. I tried to find a good range of lip products because if you are anything like me I often prefer a tinted balm over a lipstick. Which plum do you prefer? Do you have a favorite brand to recommend?

    plum lipstick-02

    ILIA Lipstick: Femme Fatale $24.00

    Clinique Chubby Stick: Grandest Grape $17.00 (my favorite!!)

    Clinique Gloss: Black Honey $15.00

    Burt’s Bees Tinted Balm: Red Dahlia $7.00

  • Sites and Bites

    Hey guys! We’re back with another Sites and Bites today. This time we headed to the charming neighborhood of Cole Valley where we’re browsing a really sweet vintage children’s store that just opened called Tantrum and then heading across the street to The Ice Cream Bar, a full service style soda fountain for some delicious ice cream sodas of the most creative and incredible variety.

    I was so happy to find this children’s shop, Tantrum. Jared’s friend knew the owner so we stopped by one day. A really beautifully curated collection of vintage clothing, toys, and vintage inspired handmade goods. Everything about it is so charming and sweet from the decor to the price tags and packaging. The owner is really nice as well. She let me come in when they were already closed and I snapped a few shots as her cute kids were watching The Incredibles in the back while she finished up closing out the cash register.

    Across the street from Tantrum is a great place to grab an afternoon ice cream soda treat. The Ice Cream Bar is a full service 1930s style soda fountain and lunch counter that specializes in really unique flavors of house made ice cream sodas, shakes and sundaes. The soda fountain ‘chemist’ is behind the counter who put together our Bonnie Vie #2 (fresh pink grapefruit, turbinado syrup, basil ice cream, citric acid, fresh basil) with incredible speed and skill! He was amazing to watch and the result was really delicious.

    Keep reading to see where to see a map of where to find Tantrum and The Ice Cream Bar…


  • Turkish Bath Towels

    This past weekend really felt like the beginning of summer! We rented a little house in Santa Cruz with some friends a couple blocks from the beach and had one lovely day at the beach, another fun day riding rollercoasters on the Boardwalk and eating corndogs, plus lots of hot tubing, bbqing and late night chats. We even had a sitter one night so all the adults could go out! It was perfect, and it really got me in the summer mood. I’ve been eying these turkish towels for a while and I think now’s the time to buy one, or two, or three. The different designs represent the regions in Turkey that they were made and I love how they double as towel and wrap. I’ve heard they’re just as absorbent as regular towels?  Now I just need to somehow decide on colors.

  • How To: Side Braid

    I asked fabulous Alison of The Alison Show to show us a fun hair ‘do for spring and summer. See more of her fabulous tutorials and beauty tips right here.

    Hi! I’m Alison from The Alison Show. This side braid is super easy, and you can either leave some bangs in front, or pull them back into the braid. Let’s get started!

    Keep reading to see the full tutorial…


  • Weekend Roundup

    (image via)

    Earlier this week my sister in law Jordan and her family moved home from Paris! Hooray! Currently they are crashing with us while they finalize their apartment plans and it’s been a none stop cousin party ever since. We are actually taking off later this weekend to head to Utah for a week or so, but I have some really fun posts planned to share with you all this coming week. You’ll love it! Up to anything fun? Here are some links to explore and blog housekeeping:

    Did you enter to win the $2500 Tempur-Pedic bed yet?

    I’m teaching both Blogging 101 and Advertising Options for Bloggers this coming Tuesday. They’re really fun, hour long video classes for only $15.

    LOVE this idea of painting your ugly cement into red bricks!

    Love this summer dress on sale!

    Did you see Gabby’s sneak peak of a web series they’re creating called Olive Us? Looks too adorable for words

    Oh man I need to make this top

    Fruit balloons party! Cutest things alive

    Gorgeous Mother’s Day Brunch (and wonderful idea!)

    Lovely baby wearing style

    Kind of obsessed with this yellow and white dress

    Pretty homemade bubbles and bubble wands

    A pretty new blog I spotted, Revel

  • Babble Posts

    I write daily at Babble’s Family Style blog about favorite stylish products for the family and home. Here are my posts from this week you may have missed:

    Gorgeous Michelle Armas Prints (image above)

    5 Ways to Embellish Denim Cutoffs

    10 Gardening Gifts for Mother’s Day

    Retro Swim Suits deals (under $22!)

    10 Stationery Sets for Mother’s Day

    Win a copy of Marie from Make and Takes new book!

    P.S. Did you win the Target giveaway? Winners announced!

  • Yosemite Camping

    Last week we took a spontaneous four day camping trip to Yosemite. Things were just getting busy but we still got camping spots, day of, in the valley the first two nights. The third night we were getting sick of the crowds and drove right outside the park where we found dispersed camping next to a gorgeous stream (image above). It was hot too! A welcome change from the consistently cool coastal weather here in San Francisco.

    Keep reading to see some more instagram photos (@liz_stan) and snippets from our trip…


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