• Current Trend: Printed Pants

    This post is contributed by Ashley Aikele of The Daily Bucket
    {Madewell Pant // $110.00}
    I tend to be a neutral wearer myself, but once in a while I think a healthy pop of color and pattern do the body good. Cut the risk in half by pairing a printed pant with a neutral top. Wallflower no more!

    {J.Crew Pant // Pre-Order}
    Miss-match sock wearers (myself included) this one is for you. The long awaited day of pairing pattern with pattern is here. Make sure you keep it classy by paying attention to the color and scale of the print, we don’t want anything too wild (like the time you had a Halloween sock on one foot and Christmas on the other).

    {Anthropologie Pant // $188.00}
    Trend setting is your thing. I get it. Without you we wouldn’t even have trends (thank you for going out on that limb btw). You know how to do it. Embrace that pant; and while you are at it pair with another trend, like the long tail tee. Look at you, the talk of the town.

    H&M Pant 1    F21 Pant 2     F21 Pant 3
    How will you wear your patterned pant? Or will you be staying off the band wagon this time around?

  • How to Style It: The Jean Jacket

    All photographs were taken by Ashley Thalman, a fabulous photographer in the Utah area specializing in lifestyle portrait and commercial work

    With the great discussion going on last week about jean jackets coming back in fashion (or have they ever left?), I enlisted the help of my super stylish sister, Katrina, who you may remember from The Sister Style Series and The Slot Canyon Trip. Katrina rocks her jean jacket all. the. time. Especially when she plays bass in her hip punk brand, Baby Ghosts. Yeah, she’s that cool. So naturally she was the perfect person to help give us ideas on how to style our jean jackets we’re pulling out of storage.

    1. Jean on Jean. High-waisted cuffed skinnies, tucked in bright blouse, oxfords and vintage pearls. And a top knot of course. For all of you that said jean on jean couldn’t be done!

    Keep reading to see all six ways to style the jean jacket…


  • Pretty Top Knots for the Win


    It should come as no surprise to you that I have an itty bitty obsession going on with top knot buns (in good company with turquoise, bows, gold spray paint, polka dots, and geeky glasses). I posted about the knotty bunch spotted at Alt Summit, and found an awesome sock bun trick I shared here, that I still use on a regular basis for my sad, baby fine hair. Then. THEN. I found this tumblr devoted entirely to top knots and my obsession has peaked. Messy, braided, smooth, teased, socked, natural, high, low, side, etc. They are all equally awesome in my eyes. Do you have a favorite top knot you wear? Any favorite top knot tutorials you’ve seen?

    A few more favorite top knot looks after the jump…


  • The Jean Jacket Comeback

    The jean jacket has undoubtedly come back into fashion for spring 2012 (or..has it ever left?). I’m leaning hard towards it, especially mixing it with a buttoned up office look like the image above. However. Here’s one thing that disturbs me a bit about it: I remember purchasing two jean jackets in my lifetime. One in 5th grade (1988. from a thrift store. white. distressed. awesome). And one in 1999. Paired always with huge silver hoop earrings, which I rocked with a Meg Ryan short haircut for the good part of the summer working in Manhattan. Then it was tossed or donated. Who knows. Point is, neither of those jackets lasted all too long in my wardrobe and I’m skeptical with the jean jacket’s return again now. But, what do you think? Are you into the jean jacket trend or are you of the ‘If you wore it when it was first in style, you’re too old to wear it now” mentality? Which would apply two-fold to me!

    One more burning question: Would you ever pair denim with denim?

    {Images: Gap Jean JacketLevi’s Trucker Jacket}

    Also, in case you missed it, I collected 21 Favorite Spring Wardrobe Trends right here

  • 10 Ways to Dress Up Your Ponytail

    This post is contributed by Stephanie from the fabulous beauty blog, Hair and Make-Up by Stephanie

    1. Wrap it with a strand of hair
    a. Put your hair in a ponytail like you normally would
    b. Take a small section of hair at the bottom of the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic
    c. Secure with bobby pins and hairspray

    2. Wrap it with a braid
    a. Put your hair in a ponytail like you normally would
    b. Take a small section of hair at the bottom of the ponytail and make a three strand braid
    c. Wrap the braid around the elastic
    d. Secure with bobby pins and hairspray

    Keep reading to see all ten!


  • The Look for Less

    Ever since I posted this image on the left from J.Crew I’ve been thinking about it, so I thought it would be fun to put a together a ‘look for less’ board based on it. I’ve managed to scrounge up similar items, including the last pair of $19 blue skinnies from Old Navy in my size at my local store (hurry! check yours! they’re the perfect cobalt blue color!) and a silk polka dot blouse from a thrift store, to put it together for myself. Which means, plainly, there’s a good chance I’ll be in this next time we see each other!

    1.Big W Wayfarer Reader Urban Outfitters $14
    2.Polka Dot Top Old Navy $24.94
    3. Rock Star Cobalt Jeans Old Navy $19
    4.Brogue Oxfords Modcloth $34.99
    5.Nude Lipstick Mac $17

  • Tog and Porter Review

    I don’t usually do reviews of services on this blog, but I loved the concept behind this company, Tog and Porter, and thought it was such a brilliant alternative to the usual (and time consuming!) shopping experience we all deal with. It’s a virtual personal stylish and shopper, which is totally something that appeals to me. I’m just too busy and don’t have the patience to put all the time and energy into my style that I’d like, and I love having the opinion of a professional stylist when I’m putting together my wardrobe.

    Would you like to hear about my experience?

    1. I set up a time to chat over skype with a stylist, Maureen. Beforehand, I sat and thought a bit about what kinds of pieces I need/wanted for my wardrobe and what kind of look I was going for. The stylish was really great and asked me a lot of good questions about where I shop, what my eye is drawn to,  and what my day to day life looked like, what I already have too much of in my closet.  We also took measurements and discussed sizes. I described myself as having wardrobe full of pieces that were ‘sweet’ (bows, polka dots, vintage, florals), and that I really wanted more sophisticated, chic, menswear-inspired looks. I want to dress like a woman, not a girl. She totally got it.

    2. Then about a week later, a box of hand picked curated clothes for me arrived! I was so excited to see what was inside but had to wait until our second skype call where we opened it up together and went through each of the items individually. She gave me tips for putting the pieces together in different outfits and this style board you see above. I tried on all the clothes and spent some time with her discussing various ways to style it with other items and pieces I already had in my wardrobe. I loved this part! I totally need to spend more time putting thought into outfits and trying out things I’m a little scared of (like leopard print cardigans!).

    3. You keep what works, and send back (with a pre-paid label) what doesn’t work. You’re charged for what you keep. You can also exchange items for different sizes or colors at this point as well. There’s no ‘fee’ associated with the stylist, only a $100 refundable deposit toward the clothing.  See more details about it here.

    A few notes about some favorites from the box:

    1. Black slouchy pants with elastic at the ankle by Page Denim. These were my favorite! Super comfortable and really stylish to dress up with heels or down with flats. I love having a comfortable alternative to leggings or pjs for working at home.

    2. Page Denim also makes skinny jeans that are lower rise in the front, but higher rise in the back to cover your rear sufficiently. Love that idea! My stylish heard me when I said I was tired of showing my crack to the world.

    3. A green anorak jacket by Tulle. Military chic and goes well with anything, definitely not ‘sweet’!

    4. The most gorgeous bird top by Daniel Rainn (I wore it last week here!)

    5. Super soft white v-neck and brown tees by Splendid

    (I paired these with my oxford wedge boots, $39.99 from Target, Revlon Hot Coral lipstick)

    Does this sound like a service that appeals to you? Would you ever consider using a virtual personal stylist/shopper?

    I was compensated for my review of Tog and Porter, although the opinions expressed are my own

  • 14 Wardrobe Must-Haves for Spring

    1. Artistic Tee 2. Bright Lips 3. Stripey Shorts 4. Neon Pumps

    5. Chiffon Midi Dress 6. Pretty Grocery Tote 7. Printed Slouch Pants

    8. Striped Head Scarf 9. Spring Loafers 10. Cobalt Skinnies 11. Silky Blouse

    12. Cross Body Bag 13. Vintage Style Sunglasses 14. Colorful Tuxedo Jacket

    Is it starting to feel like spring yet where you live? Rain has been hitting us pretty hard this past week, but I’m hopeful! With spring fashion comes bright colors, fun patterns, and interesting new cuts. Above are a few favorites I’d love to incorporate into my own spring wardrobe. What trends are you loving right now?

    See more must-have items for spring here!

  • Babble Posts

    I write daily at Babble’s Family Style blog about favorite stylish products for the family and home. Here are my posts from this week you may have missed:

    Perfect-for-spring, plaid shoe clips. Handmade too! (above)

    9 Favorite Flats for Spring. The cheetah ones are hot!

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    Can’t stop thinking about this lambswool throw. Ooooh so nice.

    Loving these rain boots. Perfect for spring showers.

    20 Gooorgeous spring dresses all under $50!

  • Spring Dresses Under $50

    Up until yesterday it was a rainy, foggy, ucky week here in San Francisco. But then! The sun came out, sweaters came off, windows were opened and everyone was outside enjoying the lovely weather this weekend. It got me so excited for spring! Last night I started browsing some sites and spotted a few really lovely spring dresses. I collected 20 favorites right here, all under $50. I’m especially loving that purple polka dot one above. Do you have a favorite spring dress you’re eyeing?



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