• Valentine’s Day Giant Family Heart Activity


    This Valentine’s Day I thought it might be a nice idea to focus on family relationships by looking for ways to show love and service toward each other rather than gifts and expensive dinners (although I will still be making something chocolate or heart shaped!). My family growing up had a little service tradition during Christmas and I thought it might be fun to bring that same focus into our love holiday, Valentine’s Day.


    I partnered up with Post-it Brand and their gorgeous Post-it Brand World of Color collections to create this giant Valentine’s Day heart and show you how the family activity works. The new line of Post-it® Notes includes a range of beautiful and bright colors inspired by nine cities from around the world including Bali, Capetown, Bora Bora and more. Today I’ll share the idea and then next week I’ll give you an update on how it’s all playing out, what I thought worked well and any changes I’d make in the future. I love creating family traditions like this and really hope this one sticks.

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  • DIY Personalized Heart China for Valentine’s Day


    Here’s a simple idea to transform your simple china for your loved ones on Valentine’s Day (and subtle enough to keep throughout the year). Grab a red porcelaine pen and add small hearts to your plates, cups or other pieces. Or if you’ve got great script handwriting, try a little love message. Air dry overnight (24 hrs +) and they’re still dishwasher friendly! Note: Technically it’s food safe paint, but there’s been some debate. If you’re nervous about it, try painting them on the outside, edges, or for decorative items.

    Photography by Liz Stanley

  • Best of: Say Yes Valentine’s Day

    homemade marshmallow petit fours


    Valentine’s Day is almost here! Thought I’d collect a few favorite DIY Valentine projects from the archives today (like these super easy marshmallow petit fours). Making anything fun?

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  • 10 Cool Things to do with your Instagram Images

    what to do with instagram photos

    If you’re anything like me, instagram has become the first thing I check when I wake up and the last thing I check before going to bed. There are so many cute moments captured, it’s become a fun way to document our lives here in San Francisco and follow along on yours too! I hate the idea of those photos just staying put on my phone though, so today I’m working with Framebridge that specialize in custom framing to share 10 awesome things to do with those instagram photos (and a great discount for Say Yes readers to Framebridge). Keep reading to see all 10 ideas…

    Photography by Tara Rudolph. Styled by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers.


  • Printable Hand Drawn Valentine’s Day Wrapping Paper


    Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday to get a little personal so today I’m sharing this personalized hand drawn wrapping paper project to wrap up something sweet for your sweetheart on the 14th. I made it with the SPROUT, which is a brand new computer and really cool design tool by HP.


    Read more about it and the links to download the wrapping paper yourself…


  • DIY Felt Party Hat Garland

    DIY party hat garland

    I realized I never shared this DIY from Edie’s birthday party in November! So here’s the thing: my intention was to have a super simple get together for Edie’ first birthday since I tend to be a pretty practical kind of person and throwing parties aren’t usually my favorite things. Problem is, all these little party crafts were way too sweet and temping for a first birthday. I kind of started getting carried away:  buying ridiculous amounts of balloons, making giant Edie wall art (my favorite!), a photo garland from highlight of her first year, a paper doll Edie dress up game, and making these felt party hat garlands. Whoops!


    But they were so easy. Here’s how we made them (and of course I had to throw in one more cute photo of Edie turning 1!)

    Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers and Sarah Iveson


  • A Kid Friendly Cheese Plate

    kid friendly cheese plate

    I think it’s odd that cheese plates are primarily an adult thing. There are so many flavors of cheeses, nuts, and fruits that kids love too and it’s a great way to make them feel included at the party while slowly introduce them to interesting and new flavors.

    Henry and I were listening to a kids podcast we love called Brains On the other day where they were talking about taste and we learned something really interesting. They said that the reason kids like different foods than adults is because kids actually have twice as many taste buds as adults, which explains why kids are more sensitive to certain flavors. Taste buds get worn down over time so as children get older and lose some of their taste buds they can tolerate more bitterness and spice. So interesting!

    kid friendly cheese plate

    Keep reading to see more details on putting together this kid friendly cheese plate for the big game or a family gathering…

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  • Pineapple Almond Cheeseball

    pineapple cheeseball

    I’m sharing a fun recipe today for this fun pineapple almond cheeseball to serve a crowd at the big game or another gathering with friends. It’s super easy to make and fun to decorate as well with Blue Diamond Almonds (we used the tasty Smokehouse variety for this recipe).

    pineapple cheesebal

    Keep reading to see how we put it together…

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  • Henry’s Handmade Thank You Cards


    You guys, I have a confession for you: I’ve never once sent thank you cards from Henry’s birthday parties! Horrible, right? Somehow it would never make it’s way to the top of our post party to-do list, especially with his birthday right before Christmas. So embarrassing! Last month when HP sent me one of their beautiful new design tools, SPROUT, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to make sending thank you cards a fun creative project for Henry using some of its amazing features like easy 3D imaging and dual touch pads for design and drawing directly onto a digital project.


    So this birthday (PS it was a surprise party!), I was determined to not only be a polite and well mannered adult, but also start to teach my son the same by sending thank you cards. Here’s how Henry made his own personalized thank you cards all himself using SPROUT


  • DIY No Sew Conversation Heart Stamped Napkins


    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which seems crazy right? Today I’m partnering with Glade to share this no sew conversation heart napkin DIY to set the tone for a romantic Valentines Day dinner or afternoon heart-shaped treats for the kids. Either way, these napkins are super easy to make and fun to create your own cute phrases for the conversation hearts. You could even make them larger and make personalized placemats as well.


    What is it about candles and sweet scents that are so romantic and relaxing? I realized this past holiday that we didn’t have one sweet smelling candle around the house so I’ve tried to make an effort of adding more touches of them here and there. I was happy when Glade sent us this lovely blooming peony and cherry candle to style our Valentines Day table. It sets such a nice tone and smells amazing.

    Here’s what you’ll need to get started on the DIY stamped napkins…



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