• After school kids craft: Making Edible Flower lollipops

    homemade lollipops

    We have another great after school kid craft project today. We’re making edible jasmine lollipops (but don’t worry, no candy thermometer needed). I spotted some great ideas for melting candies in this awesome craft book and thought it would be fun to try making some with edible flowers, jasmine. Not only are these lollipops pretty but they’re delicious too! I’m partnering today with all free clear laundry detergent for this fun, but sticky project. All free clear is free from allergens and irritants, specifically designed for children’s sensitive skin. So you can let kids can be kids and enjoy messy projects like these.

    Keep reading to read more about how we made these edible flower lollipops…


  • Printable Mothers Day Cards + Mustela Giveaway


    Mother’s Day is just around the corner and to celebrate all those moms out there I teamed up with Mustela for these fun Mother’s Day printable cards and a great giveaway. Mustela makes some of my favorite skincare products for mom and baby (see my first post about Mustela here). The products smell amazing, and are made of mostly natural ingredients that are safe for mom and baby’s skin (hooray!). We are huge fans of Mustela over here, they make some of our favorite baby products and today Mustela is giving away a Mustela Mom Know Best bundle to three lucky winners.

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  • DIY No Sew Baby Bow from Bias Tape (in 2 Minutes)

    DIY baby bows

    I always swore I’d never put a bow in Edie but I might be starting to warm up to the idea, especially if it’s really small, simple, high quality fabric. Surprisingly, I’ve had a hard time finding those. So I decided to try and make my own! It was super simple, especially if you use bias tape. No sewing involved and under 2 minutes to make.




    DIY baby bow clips from bias tape

    Keep reading to see how to make them…


  • After School Kid Crafts: Quick DIY Watercolors

    homemade watercolors

    I started a new series last year where we share fun, messy, science and art based activities for school aged kids after school. Our elementary school does not have a designated art class or teacher (other than a program run by parent volunteers) so I feel obligated to expose Henry to a lot of art at home and in after school programs. Today we’re making homemade watercolors! I’m partnering with all free clear laundry detergent which is specifically designed for children’s sensitive skin, free from allergents and irritants so you can let kids can be kids and not worry about them getting too messy. Keep reading to read more about how we made these pretty watercolors for this fun after school kid project…


  • Easter Bark

    Easter Bark

    Ooooh guys I have such an indulgent Easter treat for you today: Easter bark made with white chocolate, marshmallow and Cadbury Mini Eggs. Fancy looking but so simple to make! Any excuse to buy another bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs, right? These would make a great Easter hostess gift, favors for a gathering, or packaged up and left in baskets Easter morning.

    Easter candy bark

    Keep reading to see how we made it…


  • DIY Easter Foliage Eggs

    DIY Easter foliage eggs

    I was going through my archives and found this rose petal tray project that I loved and thought it might be fun to use foliage in a similar way for making simple Easter eggs. I love the nod to spring blossoms and bright green foliage on these eggs. Nothing more Easter-y than that! Keep reading to see how we made these in just 10 minutes with no special supplies…


  • How to Wrap a Bouquet of Fresh Flowers (and a secret freshness trick!)

    how to wrap a bouquet

    So you’re heading to a dinner and want to bring a fresh bouquet of flowers you picked up at the farmers market yesterday. They’ve been sitting in water at your home but by the time you run all your other errands on the way to dinner, the flowers have wilted in the front seat of your car (!!). I’m going to show you today a great way to not only wrap your bouquet, but also keep them well hydrated with a secret freshness trick so you can show up with something happy at your dinner party.

    how to wrap fresh flowers

    Keep reading to see the step by step process…


  • Three 5 Minute DIYs for the Easter Basket

    Easter basket DIYs

    I’m working with Pottery Barn Kids today to bring you some easy ways to add a little DIY to your Easter basket this year. Pottery Bark Kids is all about personalization, from their embroidered basket liners to their huge array of Easter gifts to fill your baskets. Easter is April 5th which seems so early, it’s just a couple weeks away (isn’t that nuts?!). I’m all about simple, easy DIYs that you can do in just a few minutes so you have time for all the other things on your to-do list (like ham and scalloped potatoes- a MUST for Easter dinner!). So check out my tutorials for three 5 minutes DIYs for your baskets this year.

    3 Five Minute DIYS for the Easter basket

    Oh, and here’s something really fun!!!  I’ll be showing how to make these three DIYs for the Easter basket in a live video broadcast you can watch online. It’ll be filmed at the Pottery Barn Kids studio and you can watch it this Thursday morning at 10:30am PST. It’s free! Just go to this page to register and enter to win a $250 gift card to Pottery Barn Kids when you do too. I’ve never done a live event that was broadcast online so you can ALL watch my face turn bright red when I glue gun my fingers together by accident. HA! See? It’s gonna be FUN! See you on Thursday!

    Keep reading for the three tutorials featuring some favorite items from Pottery Barn Kids to style your Easter basket: A natural basket, the softest white bunny plush, a gorgeous nesting egg set, and pretty egg chalk...


  • Tuesday Tip: Super Easy DIY Banner

    DIY painted clothespins

    Just a simple, crafty tip for an easy 10 minute banner. Make a simple phrase with black watercolor on the back of old business cards. I know it doesn’t seem possible but the lettering looks even better if you kind of rush through it and get kind of sloppy. While they’re drying, color just the top half of clothespins with sharpies in rainbow colors (I always like the mini ones) and hang it up on some string. Together it took only about 20 minutes to make. Perfect to throw together when you really really meant to put up decorations earlier that day and the birthday boy or girl is on their way home from work or school! Eeek!

  • Giant Family Heart Activity Report


    Last week I posted about the Valentine’s Day giant heart family activity we set up with Post-it Brand and their gorgeous Post-it Brand World of Color collections, and today I wanted to give you a little update on how the activity went. If you remember, the idea was to encourage family members to show love and kindness to each other and perform little secret acts of service to fill up the Post-it® Notes heart for a big family reward. I used Post-it® Notes from the Cape Town collection to create a Valentine’s Day heart made of vibrant and beautiful colors. The Post-it Brand World of Color collections also feature eye-catching hues inspired by the cities of Bora Bora, Marrakesh, Rio de Janeiro, Jaipur, New York, Bali, Helsinki, and Marseille!

    When I first told Henry about the activity and Post-it® Notes he was really excited and immediately started searching the home for things he could do for someone else in the family. After getting started though, one thing seemed a bit silly to us…


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