• DIY: Freezer Paper Stencil Placemats

    Henry loves to help set the table for dinner so I thought it would be fun to make a placemat that shows where everything goes so he can do it more independently (i.e. I could focus more on cooking and less on entertaining him). Henry loves it, I’m working on a few more so we have a full set. Do you use placemats for weeknight dinner? We only do for company,  but I’m kind of loving it now for everyday use. Dinner looks so much nicer on top of a placemat!

    I used the classic freezer stencil technique which I first explained here. I do a lot of freezer stencil projects. Here are a few favorites:

    Notebook lined Tee, Bread Bag, Golden Gate Bridge TeeWhale TeeGold Helvetica Tee, Animal Font Tee

    I made my own placemats but you could also stencil these on top of a store-bought placemat.

    Need more instructions to make your own? See the full step by step tutorial here on Momtastic

  • DIY: Spooky Freezer Paper T-Shirt

    A spooky freezer paper t-shirt tutorial up on Momtastic today! I’ve been making freezer paper tees for a while: check out my whale, golden gate bridge, and Obama tees.

  • Mystery Rides: The Pumpkin Patch

    Growing up my parents had this fun tradition of mystery rides. Essentially they were a surprise trip to somewhere special but they wouldn’t tell us where and it drove us completely nuts, in a good way of course. The anticipation was so much fun. We’d spend the whole day of and the entire car ride guessing and drilling our parents to try and figure it out (my mom was always the first to cave). When we got older we wised up and started asking very detailed but understandably practical questions they had to answer to figure it out beforehand,  “Yeah ok but what kind of shoes do we need, like can I wear these sandals or do I need more sturdy hiking boots so how much walking and what kind of terrain are we talking about? And is the drive long enough that I should bring my Biology textbook to study for the AP test? And should we eat before or is there food there, do we need to pack a lunch or sunscreen or our own wallets and how much money do I bring and what about a backpack to carry stuff in? Where did you say we were going again?”. It started to get pretty easy to crack them at that point. It’s one of my favorite family traditions growing up and we’ve continued it in our family too.


    Today I’m partnering with Ford to share another creative way to make car trips more enjoyable without devices. A couple weeks ago we shared two family map projects and today I’m sharing how we bumped our family’s mystery ride tradition up a notch with this clue pack for our trip to the pumpkin patch.


    Keep reading to see more about this project…

    This content was created in partnership with Ford to help make creativity a part of every drive.

    Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers and Sarah Iveson


  • DIY Knee Patch Tights

    DIY knee patch tights

    I love the look of knee patches on little leggings and tights. It’s usually a bit chilly here (even in the summer) so Edie wears tights under almost all her dresses. I thought it would be fun to paint some mismatched patches onto her tights to give them a little more rugrat character.

    DIY knee patch tights

    DIY knee patch tights

    Also, remember the polka dot tights we made? She wears them all the time.

    And one more of this delicious baby cakes:


    Keep reading to see how to make a pair for a baby (or yourself)…

    Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers


  • DIY Hand Drawn Fruit and Veggie Onesies

    DIY fruit and veggie onesies

    I’ve done a lot of work with freezer stencils before but thought it might be fun and easier to create a more artistic hand drawn type of design onto baby onesies without any kind of stencil. I love the brush stroke look, and doesn’t it look these fruit and veggies could break out in song any minute?

    diy hand drawn fruit and veggie onesies

    You might think you couldn’t draw these, we thought the same thing! After a simple search for hand drawn fruit/veggies we had tons of examples to practice and experiment with. This would be a cute activity for a baby shower. Each guest could bringing a onesie to decorate and you could supply paint and some examples of fruit and veggie designs to hand draw on the onesie for baby.

    DIY fruit and veggie onesies

    Keep reading for more instructions…

    Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers. Fun sized models 5 month old Edie and 4 month old Poppy


  • Baby Shower Idea: DIY Bleach Pen Onesies


    I love the idea of creating something special for the new baby as part of a shower activity. When my friends threw me a baby shower for Edie this summer they sent all the invitees a swaddle blanket to decorate. Everyone showed up for the shower with dyed, trimmed, screen printed, stamped personalized blankets. It was such a sweet and thoughtful surprise (and useful!). Every time I use the blanket I think of that person that made it. bleachpentee5

    Along those same lines, these bleach pen onesies would be a lovely idea as well. You can either package up plain onesies in the mail with the invitation for people to bring decorated to the shower with a name, phrase, design, or you can have decorate them at the party. It’s fun to see what all your creative friends will come up with!bleach pen onesies baby shower

    The main problems we ran into were writing on stretchy jersey fabric, and a too-wide tip. See our easy solutions (and more Edie deliciousness) after the jump!

    PS Other bleach projects of mine: tie-dye bleach swaddle and printed spring napkins

    Photography and styling by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers


  • DIY Felted Heart Sweater

    I’ve been wanting to buy a felted heart sweater for a while (they’re so cute, don’t you think?), until I found out how easy it was to make one myself using a simple needle felting technique I first talked about in this stocking post. This would make a really great gift for a sister, friend, niece or daughter and only took me about 2 hours to make. I used a $10 sweater from Forever21 and the felt cost me about $4.

    (Also, congrats to Clarissa who won the felted stockings giveaway!)

    Keep reading to see how to make it…

    Final images by Liz Daly


    Supplies: Sweater (wool or cotton), Wool felt, Felting needle, Styrofoam base (comes with most felting kits), Freezer paper, Pen


  • Blank Canvas Tutorials: Book Tote

    Photography on the final images is by Liz Daly, a San Francisco based photographer

    I have another fun blank canvas tutorial to share with you today! In this series we’re decorating the plain canvas tote bag which you can buy for under $2. We’ve already made a pool tote and a neon dot tote, and this week we’re making a cute personalized book bag for trips to the library.

    Going to the library is one of my favorite things to do with Henry. I let him pick out whatever books he wants and we sit and read through a bunch of them until he gets ansy and we head out to the playground. He loves the idea of picking the books out and especially loves standing on a stool to check them out. It’s pretty cute! I thought it would be fun to make a personalized tote bag just for our library trips.

    PS You can buy plain canvas totes here for under $2 each.

    Keep reading to see the full tutorial…


  • Blank Canvas Tutorials: Fishy Pool Tote

    Photography on the final images is by Liz Daly, a San Francisco based photographer

    Hey guys! I’m starting a new weekly tutorial series today all about decorating and personalizing the plain canvas tote which has recently become a trendy purse replacement. I love the possibilities of making the plain canvas tote your own, especially since the materials are super budget friendly.

    PS You can buy plain canvas totes here for under $2 each.

    This first blank canvas tutorial is a cute fishy pool tote to carry around your towels, toys and any other snacks and reading material for a day at the pool or beach. It involves both freezer paper stenciling and simple embroidery which I promise is way easier than it seems (if you’ve never done it before, check out this project here for embroidery techniques).

    Keep reading to see the full tutorial…


  • Weekend Roundup

    Good news, friends! I’m hosting two live video classes in the next couple of weeks through The Alt Summit Channel. A Blogging 101 class on Wednesday, February 8th at 6pm PST and a Getting Starting With Advertising class on February 15th, 6pm PST. They’re both online, live video classes (but don’t worry I’m the only one on video!) and there is plenty of time to answer all your burning blogging questions. Register for them here before they fills up! Plus check out lots more other video classes here from fellow Alt Summit speakers.

    And stay tuned next week for some great Valentine’s Day DIYs I’ve got in the works!

    Here are a few other links to explore:

    I’m sharing an easy tutorial to make a leather case for your iPad or Kindle right over here.

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    How to wear a sophisticated scarf

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    The perfect cat eye makeup technique. Great for a Valentine’s Day date!

    A freezer paper heart top. Love it!

    A recycled paper basket that’s really good looking

    10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men. Great list.

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