• Dare to Wear it: The Leather Jacket

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    Photos of Liz by Ashley Thalman. Copy and design by fashion contributor Ashley Aikele

    I’m excited that we saved our best for last for our dare to wear it series…the leather jacket! Liz scored her vintage Levi leather jacket from a consignment store in San Francisco. This classic piece usually comes with an edgy reputation but when styled correctly this jacket can be anything from soft and feminine to rocker chic. Check out these outfits Liz put together and let us know, would you dare to wear a leather jacket this fall?

    What do you think? Could you pull off the leather jacket this season?

    1. Dress and oxfords thrifted
    2. Skirt from Gap Outlet, sweater from J.Crew
    3. Blouse and oxfords thrifted, jeans are Joes
    4. Tee is consignment, sweatshirt from h&m, boots from target
    5. Black jeans from Urban Outfitters, shirt from J.Crew
    Leather jacket is second hand vintage Levi’s
    Lipstick is Nars Heat Wave

  • Dare to Wear It: Statement Socks

    This content series is in partnership with smartwater. smartwater, simplicity is delicious. click here to learn more.By fashion contributor Ashley of The Daily Bucket

    A few weeks ago Liz posted about Madewell’s fall look book (click here to see). With Liz’s sister, Katrina’s help we put together some outfits inspired by the socks that Madewell featured in their looks. Most of us try to hide our socks, but this trend is about putting your socks in the spotlight.

    1. A simple way to embrace this look is to wear your socks over your pants instead of under (image above). Scrunch the socks and pair with booties. You can wear a neutral sock or mix things up with a printed sock.

    2. When wearing skirts or dresses above the knee pair them with a long sock to keep you warm in the fall and make a statement.

    3. An easy way to add interest to a simple dress is by wearing a printed sock with a boot. You can also mix prints or carry your print through (striped top, striped sock).

    4. IF you are feeling REALLY brave you can try a sock and sandal. This look can be good or bad depending on how you style it. For example, don’t wear ANY type of athletic sandals with socks. Flip flops are also not a good idea, no one likes a toe wedgie.

    Are you daring enough to join in on this trend? What do you think?

  • Dare to Wear it: High Waisted Shorts

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    By fashion contributor Ashley of The Daily Bucket

    {Title Picture}
    With the end of summer in sight I feel like I owe a shout out to the high waisted shorts that have made an appearance this year. They can look good or bad real quick and I find myself thinking the “mom jean” look isn’t so bad. Am I going crazy? Here are a few tips to help you style your last minute short purchase (in a good way)!

    {Black and White}
    A good hint for pieces that are more risky is to keep it neutral. Because these shorts are in black and paired with white and nude accessories the look feels more polished and classy. Its an attention grabber, but in a good way.

    {Around the City}
    Keep this look fresh by wearing a loose patterned button up and a light jacket that comes down past your shorts. Pair it with some strappy sandals and you are set.

    Keep reading to see two more high waisted shorts looks!


  • Dare to Wear It: Tube Skirts

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    By fashion contributor Ashley of The Daily Bucket

    I’m not sure if it is the name, or the actual silhouette that scares me more when I think about the tube skirt. Clingy things aren’t for everyone but if you are feeling daring I think the options of this little piece would surprise you! My husband teases me because I have a habit of getting something new and wearing it out. I can’t help it, I love risky purchases that turn into staple pieces and this tube skirt is no exception. Enjoy a few looks I put together on how to style the tube skirt. Liz is above, and the first two images below feature our favorite model (and Liz’s sister) Katrina!

    ps. H&M has tube skirts right now for only $5.95!

    More looks…


  • 4 Ways to Style a Spring Tee


    With spring here, it’s time to pack up the jackets and break out the spring tees! The ‘jeans and tee’ routine is one we’re all familiar with so I thought I’d mix things up a bit by showing 4 different ways to style those tee shirts you’re pulling out of storage right now.

    Photography by Tiffany Tong, assisted by Corrine Longman,  graphics by Ashley Aikele

    Look #1: Layered with a chambray shirt and colored jeans

    As much as we want warm weather to be here to stay, sometimes mother nature has its own plans and we’re looking to layer our tee for warmth. Choose a lightweight chambray shirt to wear over your striped tee and pair it with some bright spring pants (love the perfect color of these green ones!)


    {Clothing: Striped slub knit tee shirt from Old Navy, rockstar skinny green jeans from Old Navy, sandals from Shoemint, chambray shirt from Urban Outfitters, Nars heat wave lipstick}


    OldNavyLogoThis post was sponsored by Old Navy. Check out Old Navy’s latest fashion lineup in store or online at oldnavy.com.



    Keep reading for 3 more looks…


  • 4 Favorite Styles of Spring Jackets

    Living in San Francisco, spring jackets are really the only jackets I have in my wardrobe and I wear them year round (so I can rationalize investing in a few favorites). Here are a 4 of my favorite styles of spring jackets, which is your favorite? I teamed up with the gorgeous Liz of Cotton and Curls whose here for a few months going to fashion school design (she’s an amazing seamstress) and was willing to model some looks for me.

    Styling and photography by myself, modeling by Liz of Cotton and Curls

    Style 1: A short sleeve poncho

    A waterproof/windproof poncho is perfect for a ‘tut-tut it looks like rain’ spring day. Great for unpredictable weather like we have here in San Francisco that’s sunny + warm one minute and windy + cloudy the next. A great transitional piece for spring!

    I bought the pink + polka dot spring poncho above here (sadly, sold out!), but here are a couple others to check out…


  • Easy and Last Minute Couples Costumes Pt. 1

    For this shoot, I teamed up once again with talented photographer Ashley Thalman based out of Utah (seriously love working with her!). I also brought on brilliant stylist Emily Frame of Bijou Market, who just started an amazing kids blog called Small Fry, and hair/makeup artist Bethany Kartchner of Salon K in Provo, Utah. The fantastic models are my hip sister Katrina and her stylish man Quinn Peterson, who started a fantastic line of handmade mens ties made from vintage fabrics called QP Collections.

    The hardest part about Halloween for me is the pressure you sometimes feel as an adult to dress up! In my experience, it’s almost always done last minute when you find out that party you’re invited to is mandatory dress up, and it’s even more difficult when you’re trying to coordinate with a partner. When I was in Utah a couple months ago for the leather jacket post, Ashley and I were chatting about how fun it would be to do a couples costume shoot to brainstorm ideas for you all (and ourselves!) this Halloween.

    This week I’m sharing a few ideas for couples costumes so you won’t have any excuses this year to not to join in on Halloween fun. The whole idea behind these costume ideas is that you can throw together something fun last minute with stuff you probably already have in your wardrobe.  I’ll share two ideas today and two later this week.

    1. First up, Bandits!

    If your closet is anything like mine, you’ll have no problem outfitting the whole street in striped shirts for bandit costumes. The bandit bags can be purchased from any craft store, Emily printed a $ sign on the computer and used it as a stencil to make the bags.

    Bandits clothing details:

    Katrina: Splendid tee/BDG jeans / Converse sneakers / Target gloves / Freshly Picked leather mask
    Quinn: Tee, beanie from F21 / gloves from Target / Freshly Picked leather mask / black boots


    2. Mad Men
    Anything with reference to pop culture is an easy costume idea. Check out popular movies/shows right now to find characters you could dress up as with items in your closet. Plus, you’ll find out quickly who else is watching your favorite shows. A couple years ago Henry and I dressed up as characters from Mad Men too. He was an adorable little Bobby Draper.
    Keep reading for more images + details from the Mad Men costume…
  • Bringing Back The Clog

    I can see why you’re hestitant, these are giving clogs a horrible rep. I don’t blame you for being skeptical on the return of the clog, but just take a look at some of these before you make your final decision:

    I would loooove any of these above:
    Sweedish Hasbeens
    Ugg Australia,
    Madewell Westway,

    Wearing them well:

    With a skirt and ankle socks (would you dare?) (image) 

     With cuffed skinnies (Molly from My Favorite Things)
    With denim cutoffs or flowy pants (image)

    With girly dresses (image)

    With boyfriend cuffed jeans (image)

    So…have I changed your mind?

  • Crave Jewelry

    How hot are the charm necklaces over at Crave Jewelry? I have a sly coyote one that I wear all the time, I hardly ever take it off. Simple and small, perfect for everyday outfits. Tons of ones to choose from, all super hip. Everything from animals to lightning bolts to airplanes and skulls. I dare you to try and pick just one you love.

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