What to Make for Dinner

What are you making for dinner these days? Our schedules have gotten so much more hectic with school back in session that I’ve found myself leaning hard into my old reliable meal plans. Easy with little prep, and all crowd pleasers. Here are a few recipes we’ve had in heavy rotation the last few weeks…

Marcella Hazan’s Tomato Sauce. So famous for good reason It’s a perfect dinner staple. Only three ingredients and it’s absolutely delicious! (image above)

Chicken gyros. It’s so easy, marinate some chicken for a bit while you prepare other ingredients. We also love the slower cooker version from Feeding a Family cookbook. And I really want to try this version too (image above) marinated in the yogurt sauce.

Chicken fingers and peas. I really like these Hip Chick Farm Organic Chicken Fingers you can get at Whole Foods or through a service like Good Eggs in the bay area. When Jared and I are headed out for dinner, chicken fingers and frozen peas are the go-to meal. And it’s impossible for me to not gobble up a couple of these chicken fingers as we’re headed out the door.

Black Bean Tacos. I’ve even adjusted this recipe to make it even easier. A can of black beans and some cheese (we like monteray) cooked on the skillet. 5 minute dinner! Feel free to add whatever toppings or veggies or whatever else you’d like in them. I love it with fresh corn and sour cream. So easy and we all love them. (image)

Roasted Veggies with edamame and brown rice. So simple the kids gobble it up.  Roast up whatever veggies you’ve got (broccoli, carrots, etc) and make some microwaved brown rice (the Trader Joe’s ones are only 3 minutes!) and edamame. (image)

BBQ Turkey Burgers. Our favorite thing to make on the grill. We mix our ground turkey with parm, egg, and whatever seasoning or fresh herbs we have on hand. We also grill up onions, toast whole wheat buns, and serve with avocado, lettuce and tomato instead of mayo. Such a great summer meal (and healthy!) (image).

What are you cooking up for dinner these days?


Hey, just so you know, that top image is from MSL (it’s a one-pot spaghetti recipe; I recognize it because I pinned it years ago), not the very fabulous but not-photogenic Hazan sauce.

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