Weekend Roundup

Up to anything fun this weekend? I have to admit, this week has been intense and sobering on the news front (here are some ideas on ways to help and fight hate). On top of that, summer vacation is officially coming to an end and school aka regular life will officially set in next week. Headed anywhere for the eclipse on Monday? We felt torn because it’s Henry’s first day of school and have decided to stay here (we’ll see 75% but sad we’ll miss the full eclipse). Hope you have a great one and are able to relax and recharge, here are some links to dive into:

A simple but sweet wedding day advice

I’ve been super obsessed with Kamm Pants lately, but there’s a more affordable option I’m eyeing too

Great write up by NPR about The Color Factory

The Japanese art of repairing and reusing 

This tomato + cucumber hummus looks like the perfect summer dish

How you can donate diapers to refugee children in need  through local suppliers

This kimono shirt and these linen pants are so lovely (one of my favorite etsy shops)

A review of some the best new parenting books on the block

The prettiest eclipse cookies to make for Monday (and some crazy things that happen during a full eclipse)


Lastly, here are a few links to help process everything that’s gone on in Charlottesville this week: 

Standing in solidarity. Type in your zip code to find an event near you.

This podcast I’ve been loving called Code Switch about race issues is really good (and important). I love the one about Berlin- when I visited earlier this year I was really impressed with how they dealt with the difficult parts of their history

I also really loved this episode of It’s Been a Minute. It’s hosted by Sam Sanders whose has been a favorite of mine since the NPR Politics podcast I listened to religiously during the election madness

How to talk to kids about the news in an appropriate way

Easy way to call your Representative and make your voice heard

Ways to donate: help cover the medial expenses for those that were injured, Charlottesville’s division of Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ), Black Lives Matter in Charlottesville

Many more ideas and resources right here

Top tomato image from Shutterbean


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