• Three Delicious Ground Turkey Recipes

    foster farm turkey recipe

    This summer we’ve been big fans of turkey burgers. They’ve become a regular staple in our weeknight meal plans. So much so, that I felt I needed to branch out into a few other recipes with ground turkey. Do you have a favorite? Today we’re sharing three delicious ground turkey dishes, beyond turkey burgers, in partnership with Foster Farms

    foster farm turkey

    I’m happy to feed my family fresh Foster Farms Organic Ground Turkey. Free range turkey, on organic land with no antibiotics used ever. Also, locally grown here in California! A lean, nutritious protein that’s a healthier alternative to ground beef. You can swap it out for almost any ground beef recipe your family loves. They offer a range of products from this organic ground turkey to whole turkeys and other fresh chicken products.

    Also, Foster Farms will be conducting a Facebook drawing over the next three weeks for a free package of Foster Farms Organic Ground Turkey with five winners drawn randomly each Friday. To be eligible, comment on this Facebook post telling them your favorite way to prepare Foster Farms Organic Ground Turkey.

    foster farm turkey recipes

    Turkey and Rice Dill Stuffed Peppers

    I remember having stuffed peppers once at a dinner party a few years ago and thinking how fancy they were! But really they’re easy to make, they just take a little planning. The ground turkey is combined with loads of herbs, cheese, and brown rice for a really robust flavor that compliments the Foster Farms Organic Ground Turkey perfectly. My favorite part might have been the sweet cinnamon tomato sauce they’re baked in. Insanely good!

    foster farm ground turkey recipes

    You can find the recipe here, but we made a few adjustments to make it more weeknight dinner friendly (the current recipe is pretty involved).

    First, we used frozen brown rice packets that you microwave for 3 minutes instead of making fresh brown rice. We just added raisins in afterwards. Second, instead of toasting pecans we added slivered almonds. A great crunch!

    foster farm ground turkey recipes

    Third, I didn’t add in nearly the amount of dill as commenters were saying the flavor was overwhelming. I’m glad I did. Fourth, be sure to use a pot you can cook and bake in so you don’t have to dirty up two pans. Lastly, make sure you find peppers that sit nicely on their own. Sometimes those are the smaller orange or yellow ones. Although, I couldn’t resist the color of these red for the shoot!

    Turkey Lettuce Wraps

    I found this recipe and loved the idea of having something that would not only take less than 15 minutes to make for a light dinner, but also be great leftover for lunches. You just have to warm up the turkey filling for a quick meal.

    foster farm ground turkey recipes

    Once the turkey filling is made (which comes together super fast), it’s just a matter of assembly and each of the pieces can be refrigerated and assembled later: turkey filling, carrots (buy pre-shredded ones to save time!), sprouts, and a delicious dipping soy sauce based dipping sauce. So good! Excited to have these leftover this week.

    Turkey Meatballs + Gravy

    This is a bit of a healthier adaption of another of our family’s favorite dinners, beef stroganoff. Made with turkey meatballs and a creamy sauce, it goes great over brown rice or egg noodles. The ground turkey is flavored with herbs, panko bread crumbs and parmesan cheese.

    Use this favorite recipe for the turkey meatballs, and here’s my favorite stroganoff sauce recipe (just omit the beef).

    foster farm ground turkey recipes

    Thanks to Foster Farms for sponsoring this post and making our weeknight meals healthy and delicious. Find a coupon here to pick up some yourself. 


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      I LOVE turkey Burger for a Lot of things, I Plan on a Meat Loaf tonight for Dinner and hope this is not too Late ! ! !

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      Those peppers look amazing!


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      All recipes look fantastic!

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      […] ground turkey for a lot of our dinners opposed to chicken or beef (wedding diet, I guess), these recipe options look […]

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      We love lettuce wraps. Great idea!

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      Oh yum! I can’t get prepacked ground turkey in the stores where I live, but I’m going to do it myself.These recipes look amazing.

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        Good luck doing it yourself!

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