Weekend Roundup


Up to anything fun this weekend? We’ve been crazy busy but hoping to relax a bit finally and enjoy this nice spring weather. Henry has his first baseball game tomorrow (go Phillies!) and hoping to do some major decluttering and baking here at home. Have a great one, here are some links to explore:

I think I’d wear this dress all summer

These homemade carnitas look amazing! Thinking of making them this weekend

Easy clover balloons for St. Patrick’s Day

Love the feminist cakes from Coco Cake Land (image above)

Super inspired to cook healthier with this book

Creating a gorgeous tiny nursery in a master bedroom

My sisters swear by this eyebrow pomade

This is hilarious! I swear it happens all the time since Jared and I both work from home

Such a pretty paper mache project to do with the kids!

Does social media make you feel more connected or more lonely?

Cute slip-on house shoes

The right way to use bobby pins (I’ve totally been using them wrong)

Digging this gingham skirt and  white sneakers for spring

Tips for making friends with another mom at the park

I want to try these for my next dinner party

Such a great tip for using pine cones in planters!

Hilarious reactions to Moonlight winning best picture

Thought it was cute last night when I realized that both Jared and Henry love the same brand and style of jeans: The Levi’s 511 slim for boys and men


Beautiful and cozy dress! Reading, actually zapping trough links make me think, social media makes me feel a bi lonely. I find news about people but actually I don’t talk or interact with them.

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