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    William Sonoma Easter

    If you celebrate Easter, what are your favorite Easter traditions? Today we’re partnering with Williams Sonoma’s gorgeous Easter line to share a little bit about ours. It starts with a clever way my parents got us to clean the whole house the evening before…

    William Sonoma Easter

    Growing up, instead of setting out baskets filled with candy and toys, the Easter bunny hid them. Each of us were assigned a common room (like the dining room or study), and the Easter bunny would hide all the candy for that child in the room. For little kids, the candy was just sprinkled around the floor and along chairs. For older kids, the Easter bunny would hide them in totally obscure places. Before we went to bed the night before Easter, the room we were assigned was our duty to CLEAN UP. Because no one wants to eat jelly beans off a dusty bookshelf. Genius, right? If there is anything that gets kids to clean, it’s the promise of a room full of candy! When we got older the hiding got really advanced. I think my dad prided himself on the spots he found to hide candy! Over the weeks + months that followed, we’d start finding them in funny spots like balancing on screws under the desk or between slots of wood in the piano.

    William Sonoma Easter

    Jared and I now have the same candy hiding tradition for our children. One thing we’ve added is writing their name in jelly beans on the floor. They don’t know their assigned rooms beforehand. They have to walk around the house and find their names written on the floor. That way they know it’s their room to search for the rest of the candy! Little toys are usually left in the basket for them, but sometimes they’re hidden as well.

    William Sonoma Easter

    Now let’s talk about Easter baskets for a minute. Do you use them? We had a stack of vintage ones at our home hiding out in the attic until Easter, but I’ve always loved these classic ones from Williams Sonoma that are such great, sturdy quality, and the monogrammed names make it so special (and avoid inadvertent mixups Easter morning!). Also, this ribbon Easter grass is my very favorite. Not sure I could go back to the plastic green stuff again!

    William Sonoma Easter

    Here’s what we hide in the rooms: Always brightly colored jelly beans, mini chocolate eggs, malt balls, and a giant chocolate something: usually an egg or bunny. These giant golden eggs from William Sonoma are so classic, they remind me of Veruca Salt and the golden goose eggs. And aren’t the chocolate foil eggs wrapped in the most gorgeous Easter colors? The Steiff Easter chick is so sweet. Such a classic Easter gift. I love including a stuffed animal in the baskets as well. My favorite though from Williams Sonoma’s Easter line might be the bunny marshmallow on a stick. So simple and sweet! We also get little toys from the dollar store that are spring themed like bubbles, sidewalk chalk, or hopping bunnies. Just silly little things to entertain them.

    Chocolate foil Easter eggs/Easter Marshmallow Bunny/Chocolate Surprise Egg/Steiff Easter Chick/Bunny poppers/Alabaster Eggs/Easter Jelly Beans/Giant Malt Balls

    William Sonoma Easter

    Then, after the candy has been found (usually the older kids will help the younger kids out after they’re done) we go to church, have an Easter brunch and then head outside for an egg hunt in the afternoon with the plastic eggs.

    William Sonoma Easter

    We end with ham, scalloped potatoes, and an Easter dessert. Sometimes strawberry shortcake, carrot cake, or lemon pound cake. I’m loving this Easter basket cake from Williams Sonoma. It’s gorgeous and the carrot cake is just delicious! Really loving all their Spring Garden line as well. Featured here we have the garden tablecloth, cake plates, cake stand, and light blue linen napkins.

    William Sonoma Easter

    William Sonoma Easter

    If you celebrate Easter, I’d love to hear your family traditions as well!

    Thanks to Williams Sonoma for sponsoring this post and making classic Easter products we love. Photography by Liz Stanley and Stephanie Gardner. 


    1. Erin said… April 2, 2017 6:19 pm

      The golden chocolate surprise eggs are so cute! I also really love your dress, Liz! Where did you get it?

    2. Paige said… March 29, 2017 6:22 pm

      These are all such wonderful traditions! We always go to church, have cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and do a big dinner, but nothing much outside of that!


    3. Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog said… March 29, 2017 5:45 am

      Can I join your Easter traditions please? Everything looks heavenly! We never celebrated Easter in any way in my family!

      Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    4. luise said… March 29, 2017 5:06 am

      Amazing pics make look your house like an earthly heaven..I wish i was there with you to celebrate the food together. Some of your beautiful recipes are celebrated also here http://www.vivaguides.com/single-post/Recipe-Books

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