Natural Tea Dyed Easter Eggs


Like many of you, I grew up dyeing easter eggs with vinegar and food coloring. The colors are so bright and vibrant! Right now though, I’m loving the look of more natural dyed eggs. Today we tried dyeing eggs with all kinds of teas! Here’s how it went, and a color guide just for you…


We did a bunch of research and brewed the following teas for our eggs: rooibos, lavender, turmeric, chamomile, matcha, black, mate, blueberry, and hibiscus. We used loose leaf tea and added about 2 teaspoons in each jar.


The real trick is that this is an overnight type of activity. The eggs have to sit in their tea for at least 4 hours. I found that after about 6 hours the colors were maxed out.

Here’s a guide to the colors from each tea:


You can see that the top rooibos tea was a pretty bright orange. The peach one below it was also rooibos but only sat in the tea for about 2 hours. I really love how the peach one turned out so next time I might try doing a few in rooibos for less time. Turmeric made such a bright shade of yellow as well. Another favorite is the chamomile, it’s a really pretty yellow-green that goes great with the yellows, oranges, and the greens. Isn’t the mate tea pretty? Such a great spring green! I was impressed with how the blueberry tea turned out. I was skeptical, but it really does look blue!  The black and lavender teas are both pretty muted browns that I love. Lastly, the hibiscus tea was incredible- blues, browns, oranges, tans. It looks other-worldly!


Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Stephanie Gardner. 


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So pretty! I remember those vibrant food coloring eggs, but lighter, natural colors are also definitely more my style these days. Weirdly, all the white eggs I can get have this red stamp on them that I have to scrub off or it runs and looks weird! It gives dying eggs and extra step for me.

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