• DIY Balsa Wood Happy Birthday Banner

    happy birthday balsa wood banner

    We have three birthdays between early November and early December in our family. It’s a bit chaotic combined with holidays. This year, I made a couple changes. First off, we’re now the proud owner of a legit refillable helium tank. I’m so sick of buying and transporting balloons. I considered buying a disposable tank but couldn’t stomach the carbon footprint for just one party. Second, after hanging our mediocre felt birthday banner for the second birthday, I decided to make my own in time for the third birthday. I still love felt banners, but I wanted it to be more updated with balsa wood. I really like how it turned out. Here’s how to make it…

    happy birthday balsa wood banner


    Balsa wood (these strips are about $2 at our hobby store)
    Felt in rainbow colors
    Felt glue (Fabri-Tac). FYI I found out about this stuff a couple months ago and have been using it nonstop ever since. It doesn’t dry quick but it works wonders on felt. No more glue guns!

    happy birthday balsa wood banner

    Step 1: Cut out your letters from the felt. Be thoughtful about the color combination you choose! Line up the squares before hand and plan it out.

    happy birthday balsa wood banner

    Step 2: Cut balsa wood into rectangles that will fit the letters and glue them on.

    happy birthday balsa wood banner

    Step 3: Using string and the glue, attach the letters making a long banner. Or two banners: one for each word the way we did so you can hang them on top of each other.

    Photography and styling by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Gaby Viglas and Stephanie Gardner. 


    1. The Weekend Update : Jan 6 – Everything Bloom said… January 6, 2017 6:00 am

      […] This DIY Balsa Happy Birthday Banner is such a cute alternative to buying those paper banners over and over […]

    2. Paige said… January 5, 2017 1:37 pm

      This is such a fun and easy DIY project! Totally making this for my kid’s birthdays this year.


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