• Pineapple Baby Halloween Costume

    pineapple baby costume

    Last in our series on fruity costumes (check out the strawberry and raspberry if you missed them), is the tropical pineapple!  That leaf collar and green hat is the Halloween gift that keeps on giving. So useful for so many costumes. Details on this costume after the jump and see more in our Halloween costumes series

    pineapple halloween costume

    We started with a tan onesie (we actually dyed it ourselves), and a green cap.

    pineapple halloween costume

    1. For the pineapple hat we used a toilet paper roll and glued green felt leaves to it, starting from the bottom and heading up to the top.

    pineapple halloween costume

    2. We used some thick green bias tape to tie it around their head. You could use green ribbon or elastic too.

    pineapple halloween costume

    3. For the onesie, we cut out square pieces of yellow felt and glued them down in a linear, diamond pattern with hot glue or Fabri-Tak.

    4. For the green leaf collar  we used the same one as the baby strawberry costume and the raspberry costume, so you can find the tutorial for making that right here.

    pineapple halloween costume

    Photography and creative direction by Liz Stanley. Crafting by Gaby Viglas. Thanks to baby Henry for modeling! Assisted by Stephanie Gardner (whose cute shoes are above)


    1. Friyay Happenings - October - Sweet Poppy Seed said… October 20, 2016 9:34 pm

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    2. Kostya said… October 12, 2016 12:22 pm

      Good costume turned out! Cute baby!

    3. Paige http://thehappyflammily.com 13331 said… October 12, 2016 10:35 am

      This costume is the cutest.


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